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What do you think of the FREE BIG ART QUEST ADVENTURE PAGES?

Think of the adventure pages like a page of a text book, they have the instructional video's, the materials list, "homework" or what we call field research, reference photos, traceables and more.

BAQ:AboutFace:Adventure #1



#BigArtQuest is available to start and stop any time, you don't have to do them in order! And you only have to do the ones you want. Don't feel obligated to buy anything that you don't want to try.

Yes, I love them and use them!
No, I do not like them.
Yes, I like the pages, But I wish they had more/different info (leave a comment below)
I didn't know the Big Art Quest had Adventure pages.
I looked at the pages, but I probably wont use them.
Alan Smith
05/01/17 09:59:27AM @alan-smith:
I would love to see something similar for each painting tutorial going forward. We could see the finished painting in a larger image file, the actual paints/brushes/materials she used in the video (with Cinnamon's Amazon links), and maybe include some inside tips from Cinnamon as she reflects on the tutorial and painting.
Lisa A.
04/29/17 11:09:46AM @lisa-a-bash:
Adventure pages? I need to go look for them!
--Ok, now that I know the tutorials are called adventures ( MY BAD) I just watch the videos and put them in my favorites as I watch them. Now that I know how to find them, yes I will use them. I like it!

04/24/17 08:08:42PM @nightowlartist-barbara-ann-z:
Donna, I've been doing the same thing, I have a huge plastic folder that I keep everything in, makes it handy when I want to find info and reference photos and my own tracings. Going at my own pace helps, I have physical disabilities so I'm a tad slower, I don't mind, I've been this way since Aug. 1980, thats a long time, I've adapted :)
04/22/17 05:10:48AM @yasmeen:
Adventure pages? Maybe I'm missing something? I've been following along on YouTube and the ArtQuest Facebook group, is there more? I love the About Face and am following along. I'm new to painting, just found you in February so I am very slow. Having said that, I do get a little intimidated at a 2 hour painting as I know it will translate into 10-15 hours for me. I will get faster at it as time goes on. Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to learn all that we can from you!! Much love 💜
04/22/17 05:38:55AM @yasmeen:
Oh I just realized that I didn't notice that they were called Adventures, so I'm not missing anything- I just need to pay attention to what I'm reading!
Wendi Goodchild
04/21/17 05:02:06PM @wendi-goodchild:
Took me a bit to find them, but I totally use the adventure pages. Honestly did not know that they were called adventure pages though. This art quest I am working at a slower pace and really like having all the info for each lesson in one place. I didn't use the "binder" last year really but I am printing each adventure page and putting them in a binder.