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You finished your art Journey party to celebrate all your hard work in the Beginner Acrylic Painting Course . Learn how to get your certificate of completion to celebrate the fact that you are officially a 1 hoot painter ( link coming the day of the video)

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The Ultimate Beginner Acrylic Painting Course level 1 . What Every beginner needs to know. This course will take all the guesswork out of being a new acrylic painter. This is the introduction class to a complete series of 17 videos designed to teach new artists of any age how to paint.

This course will guide you step by step through the simplest and most effective way for an absolute beginner to learn how to paint with acrylics successfully. You will have 7 of the most important material, techniques, and studio classes every single beginner needs to know based on my 7 years of teaching beginners just like you online. The 7 VIDEO Perfect Painting Primer is for ALL new Artists. Armed with the skills you need, enjoy the 10 first paintings any beginner needs to do. Every class builds skills like blocks to give you a strong art foundation.

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You can Watch The full Course in this order ANY TIME

Class Course Syllabus
Oct 30 1:00 PM EDT - INTRODUCTION to Beginner Acrylic Painting Course
Nov 2 1:00 PM EDT - Setting Up Your Acrylic Art Studio
Nov 4 1:00 PM EDT - Acrylic Paint, The Basics
Nov 6 1:00 PM EDT - Acrylic Brushes For Beginners
Nov 7 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Surfaces For Beginners
Nov 9 1:00 PM EDT - Introduction to Acrylic Techniques For Beginners
Nov 11 1:00 PM EDT - Brush Stroke and Core Painting Skills
Nov 13 1:00 PM EDT - Introduction To Beginners Primary Color Mixing
Nov 14 1:00 PM EDT - Two Cute Cats Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 15 1:00 PM EDT - Cute birds Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 16 1:00 PM EDT - Flowers in Mason jar Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 17 1:00 PM EDT - Pond with DragonFly Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 18 1:00 PM EDT - Peacock Feather Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 20 1:00 PM EDT - Air Balloon Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 21 1:00 PM EDT - Waterfall Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 22 1:00 PM EDT - Pier and Lake Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 23 1:00 PM EDT - Zen stones Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 24 1:00 PM EDT - Cute Corgi Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 27 1:00 PM EDT - “YOU DID IT” Celebration Party

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