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@cinnamon-cooney3 years ago

Being quiet over here in art land how are you?

Aaron C. Miller
05/08/18 11:41:47AM @aaron-c-miller:
Oh just back from a year off of the internet hahah but back at it now a Grumbacher instructor was doing the Michael's thing then decided i can make more just recruiting my own students locally lol I really have no head for business side of it.
Belinda Larry
04/01/18 12:25:55AM @belinda-larry:
Hi Sherpa! Always watch your videos but have been learning linocut printing and primitive rug hooking. Will post some pics. Back to painting now! 👌
Niki Coleman
12/13/17 08:30:47PM @niki-coleman:
I'm missing my Sherpa lives! Lol
11/09/17 11:49:22PM @manonchouinard:
Am not very present these times though. I am sorry for that . I take care of my father who is sick. he hade already 5 cancer in 3 years that it fights and it has operations to repetition. Your video helps me change my ideas and change my mood. I am very grateful cinnamon. You are a gift of life. Thanks you . love you . xxxI