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@mariameade • 7 years ago
OK, so I've changed my profile pic and my background pic.  The people in the background Pic are from L to R:  myself, my Mom & my cousin Helga.  Pic was taken in 1978 during a trip to Germany just me and Mom.  I lost my Mom to leukemia in 2012 so I put this photo up to pay tribute to her for Mother's day and to just remind me of an awesome time in my life.
Stop by my blog and check out the new format if you have a minute.
@mariameade • 8 years ago • comments: 14
Once you're in, Make sure you go to the top of the page and click the "down arrow" button next to the phrase "no chat room selected" . . .
Chatty Chat Chat
Morning All! So we tried out the new Chat system on the site with much success! If you have not found it yet, look in the lower right part of your web browser screen,...
@mariameade • 8 years ago

John, I just wanted to ask where I go when I'm already logged into the site, to approve followers waiting for approval?  The only way I know how to get there is by clicking the link in the notification email.  Is there a way I can get to that approval screen other than the notification email link?

Oh, and the other thing is where do you "like" someone's art or someone's post?  there's a stat icon for likes all over the site but I don't see anywhere you can actually click to "like" something.

Just wondering, inquiring minds want to know!  LOL!!!  Ha Ha Ha :-)

@mariameade • 8 years ago

I love the space!!  I'm having a bit of trouble with commenting on my pics.  It says the page can't be found when I click the "comment" icon.  Other than that I have had nothing but bliss!  lol!  Thank you John and Cinnamon, you two are really the best couple when it comes to supporting fellow artists and especially up and coming ones.  Just a HUGE THANK YOU!
@mariameade • 8 years ago

The spooky town inspired painting is coming along nicely. I didn't do it exactly like Cinnamon's painting. I put my own little touches in here and there but the whole thing is definitely based on her painting. I'm loving the whimsical bats and characters I can make.  It's a W.I.P. so I will post a finished painting as soon as it's completed.
Big Hugs!!!