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Hummingbird & Magnolia

01/06/22 11:17:52PM, by doniannie
Here are a few rocks I did. 
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Acrylic April 2021 Link Map and guide to A Story of Water

03/31/21 10:03:28AM, by TheArtSherpa
This is the pinned class schedule in the link guide for Acrylic April. I will update these links as we go....
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Steam Punk Girl

02/28/17 10:18:34AM, by TheArtSherpa
Steam punk is an amazing art style! This painting has a project  for how to create the patina for the...

Winners List for Giveaways

09/14/21 08:55:56AM, by TheArtSherpa
In an effort to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to claim prizes and giveaways on The Art...