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Shannon Williams
@shannonwilliamswv8 years ago

Hi!  My name is Shannon and I rejoined from the other site, but I hadn't really been active there.  I'm so glad to hear this is expected to be a busy place!  I'd love to make some new art buddies and become part of this beautiful community!

Just a little bit about me...  I am 48 years old, I've lived in WV my whole life, I'm married (for the second time), and I have 3 beautiful daughters (27, 25, and 18), and 4 adorable grandbabies (girl age 5, and boys 3, 2, and 3 months)!  I've had 3 back surgeries, with a total of 6 disks replaced and cages put in, but unfortunately, I still suffer from chronic back and neck pain.  I've asked my doctor about doing a full spinal replacement, but he just gives me "the eye".  LOL

Around the year 2001 I started making things with polymer clay, and I did that pretty steady for several years, until the surgeries started, and I kinda got in a funk, and didn't create much.  I'd like to share a few photos of my things, just so you can get an idea of what I did.  But now, I want to try painting, and I am so excited there are people like Cinnamon, well there's no one like Cinnamon LOL, who share their knowledge and give tutorials, so people can enjoy the art world, no matter where they are!  I really appreciate all the work and time that everyone involved puts into the tutes on Youtube!

So here are a few of my creations!

One of my Native American Indians - Click here .

Wisp, one of my early fairies! - Click here .

A Lochness Monster scene - Click here .

I hope to be adding some painting photos soon!

Please feel free to message me, or add me on Facebook (!  If you do that, though, please let me know you're a fellow Sherpette so I can stick you in the right group!  :-)

Have a wonderful day!