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The Art Sherpa #8 Cats Tongue (by Silver Brush Limited)

The Art Sherpa #8 Cats Tongue (by Silver Brush Limited)
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The Art Sherpa #8 Cat's Tongue (by Silver Brush Limited)

We say "Cat's Tongue" ...... "they" say a Pointed Filbert

One of The Art Sherpa's favorite brushes is her long handled, synthetic white filament, #8 Cat's Tongue.  Illusive and hard to find in stock, we opened up a box and hit pay dirt.  Get them while you can.

  • Like 3 brushes in one
  • Makes blending easy
  • Softens edges
  • Offers precise control
  • Great for beginner and professional acrylic painters

    Price includes shipping to the US only.  If you are interested in a quote for international shipping, please write and include your complete shipping address, no PO boxes, please.

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03/24/21 01:49:59PM @pattywaynick:
will the cat's tongue #8 be available later in the year? I am also very interested in buying this brush? or is there another source we can purchase it? Please let me know when your store will have it again>
03/09/21 12:29:26PM @pattywaynick:
I would also like to know when this brush, # 8 cats tongue by Silver Brush Limited is available?
cody barry
02/05/21 11:39:27AM @jackie-barry:
Please let me know when this is available. I would like to try it out 😍