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Unconditional Love February 2021 news Issue 3

user image 2021-02-01
By: TheArtSherpa
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What's been happening in The Art Sherpadom

30 Acrylic Paintings in 30 Days

Acrylic April 2020 1.jpg
Click on the photo for a reminder of Acrylic April 2020

Acrylic April is coming back for 2021

New and most EXCITING Acrylic April yet is almost upon us. Details will be released as soon as they are available. However, in the mean time, we can reveal what will remain the same:

  • The Canvas size used by The Art Sherpa will be 8x8 inches 
  • There will be a lesson every single day in April
  • There will be a prompt list 
  • It will be suitable for every skill level
  • Everyone is invited to join in, whether that be participating in all The Art Sherpa lessons, using just The Art Sherpa Prompts to inspire your own work, or your own original prompts and work.
  • There is still a specific Facebook group for Acrylic April and if you are not already a member you can join by clicking here , it is a great way to meet other artists and feel a part of the Acrylic April community.

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Mini book Releases

The Mini Book for the red cup is out!!!!
click here to get yours

TAS210109.01 Coffee Window thumbnail .jpg click photo to view 

Watch the video - get your traceable and free resources - make something you love

minibook promo narnia .jpg

Mini book Releases

The Mini Book for the red cup is out!!!!
click here to get yours

Narnia Mock up .jpg

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Watch the video - get your traceable and free resources - make something you love

Brand New in 2021............


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Star Gnomes

  img20210119_13192491.jpg Gnomology Aquarius ~ 21 Jan - 19 Feb :  

All that isolated holiday energy has you a little bit burnt out right now. Aquarius Gnomes are feeling the 2020 hangover  and you're ready for that personal growth you have been putting off. Social distance concerns, social causes, online fact checking and a lack of connection has made the last revolution of the sun especially hard for you. Perhaps you have fallen in an internet hole or two trying to keep your sharp mind occupied. Your strong views have been a lot of trouble in your online life and it may be time to mend fences; at least the fences you did not already torch with your flame-thrower wit and stunning mind. You are ready for freedom but caution is still a block to the call of your free spirited heart. Take this time to work on self growth. Reflect on what you have learned and turn it into a plan for 2021. As we come to the end of the month, you will feel a new spark of self love and you should fan that spark into a full blown fire. You have been there for everyone this last year and it's time to care for yourself so that YOU can be fully present this year. Set boundaries with open borders. Your loved ones and the world need your level head and intellectual passion to help find the many solutions 2021 is hungry for. You have a short window this spring to get restored . A wise Gnome is a helpful gnome and the village is looking to its leaders for the spring ahead.


Insight into the Gnome Love Department : It is harder for you to accept the gift of love but this year has many gifts in store for you. You have bounties in Jupiter and Saturn and you will find that you are more open to responsible and mutually rewarding relationships. From January 30 to February 20, Mercury is in retrograde, and this is a time during which you will feel less decisive. Listen and take time to decide what relationships need to come back and be replanted and which gnomes can keep rolling on down the garden path. It will be like every gnome from your past seems to pop in and you will be popular with both friends and past flames. You decide who is with you in the toadstool this year and you will have choices. Know in your heart, beloved Gnome, that you are worthy.

7 Ways To Push The Envelope For Aquarius Season 2021

Stargnomes thumbnail 1 .jpg

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