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Abstract Paint By Sennelier

user image 2021-02-03
By: TheArtSherpa
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Abstract Paint By Sennelier

You are invited to learn all about  Abstract Paint product's by Sennelier!

 Learn - Save - Win

Abstract Paint By Sennelier GIVEAWAY Live stream and  Demo


Screen Shot 20210203 at 8.30.35 PM.png

To find out more about Abstract products from Sennelier, watch the live stream on 4th February on your chosen social media platform. Whether it is Facebook or YouTube you love to hang out on, The Art Sherpa has you covered. You can Ask Questions and have them answered live!  Chat, and ENTER TO WIN is available on both platforms. 

00:00  Intro

01:25  Message from Andrew Cook from Savoir Faire

02:35  Why I use Abstract Paint Products

03:30  Close up of past finished painting

07:20  Abstract Pouches, Caps, and Sizes

14:10  Abstract Acrylic Ink

16:55  Abstract Fluid Acrylic Paint

17:15  Soft Body VS Heavy Body



22:30  More Abstract Acrylic Ink w/ brush

25:20  Abstract Acrylic Pen Liners

28:08  Abstract Acrylic Heavy Body w/ Palate knife

32:35  Abstract Paint Tips for pouches

37:10  Acrylic Ink over peaks of Heavy Body Paint 

39:20 Thank You Kings Framing and Art in Canada

40:00  Thank You Raw Art Materials in Los Angeles

43:50  Does this work with professional paint lines

45:20  Smooshing Paint for fun

46:44  Iridescent Copper Abstract Heavy Body 

48:10  How The Art Sherpa Discovered Abstract Paint Products 

49:09  Metallic Gold Abstract Pen Liner

50:40  Fun with Ink and Liner Pen, EXTREME ZOOM!

52:50  Playing with more Ink

54:25  The Art Sherpa Experience with Quality

55:47  Abstract Heavy Body Neon

57:10  Glossy Finish or Matte Finish

57:30  Neon Abstract Pen Liner


1:01:09  Why Did the Art Sherpa Do this Live

1:06:25  Thank You To our Co-Hosts Pierre and Andrew at Savoir Faire

FACEBOOK Todays event is at 11 am EST live streaming. The correct event link is . You can watch from facebook or Youtube

Win prizes and Save money !! 


Congratulations to the winners of our Savoir Faire Giveaway. We are reaching out right now if you have not seen your email quickly write - we dont want you to miss your prize

Debra Preston, USA

Rosemaree McLure Australia

Kitty Grant USA

Joan Goldsmith UK

Theresa Palmer USA

Tegan Scroggs , USA

April Simpson USA

Stacey West United Kingdom

Tracy Gooch USA

Ellen Wilson Canada

Jonnie M Simmons-Johnson USA (Grand Prize)

I get asked often what student brands of paint I recommend. I also get asked why I recommend the ones that I do. The one I use in my own Studio is Abstract paint by Sennelier 

I want to be clear I'm not paid to use this paint. I do have a relationship with the owners of the Savoir-faire and we are friends. They do send me stuff and asked my opinion. However, I've never been asked to give a review. This is an idea I have wanted to do for a really long time.

This is my Friend Pierre from Savoir Faire.

Sometimes we hang out on Instagram 

pierre thumb .jpg

This event is for you. I want you to understand why I think this is a great product. Why it is worth your time and investment. I want to help you know what's available to you in this large amazing product line. I want you to know what's great about it,  I'm even going to tell you some challenges you might have. I'm going to be honest with you because I think that is what helps you the most. Of course you know I wouldn't be making a video about it unless I thought it was worth your time. However there's so many colors and different types of acrylic paint that they make you really want to see what the creative opportunities are. The live stream is at 11 a.m. est. We will be streaming from both YouTube and Facebook, so just pick your favorite. We will be featuring special sales for this event that you can take advantage of that are just for you!! 

Dual logo 1.jpeg SV_Abstract_Acrylics_family_group_02.png 1012182400AbstractPopArt_NeonSet.jpg Abstract_8_Assorted_Tips_10_264831324x324.jpg


Lets Save Money

I'd also like to help you save some money so please check for the amazing coupons from art stores that are participating in the event. They were invited to take part because I honestly believe that you guys having a relationship with art suppliers is so important. Being able to go into a local art store ( when were able to go into a local art store again) creates such a tremendous sense of community. This helps you find art materials you need and discover exciting new ones around every corner, Gives you access to classes, and art opportunities that you wouldn't be able to find from home. Being aware of online retailers can help you find Art Materials when you're unable to travel, give you access to variety of large size stock items like easels or specialty studio equipment.  I think both of these things are super important.

Kings Framing and Art!! 


Lise King has been a long time supporter of myself and my community!!

  • Great customer Service 
  • Based in Canada 
  • Ships Worldwide 
  • Carries my Brushes
  • Classes 

Code for this event is: Sennelier-ArtSherpa

this is a 10% off Check out code 

banner-1200X1200px-combine.jpg banner1200X1200pxArt Sherpa2x.jpg banner1200X1200pxSennelier2x.jpg
  • 10:00 am to 6:00 pm | 24hrs online
  • 188 Voyer Rd, Corbeil, ON P0H 1K0, Canada
  • 10% off with code 

ORDER BY PHONE: 705-752-4211 

For more sales and events

Follow Kings Framing and Art  



Raw Materials LA 


645 South Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles, CA 90014

(800) 729-7060


Instagram - 

Facebook - 

  • Curbside Delivery 
  • Rooftop parking 
  • large selections 
  • Friendly 
  • Classes 


45% off while Supllies last SV_Abstract_Acrylics_family_group_02.jpg


The Give Away 


Enter here -

The prizes 

Learn and Win!! Join me and Andrew Cook of Savoir Faire for a live stream demonstration event. I will show you all about  the Abstract Paint line of products. During this very informative live stream we will be giving away 1 grand prize and 10 amazing Abstract paint prize packs.  Follow all instructions and answer all questions to be entered for your chance to win one of these cool prizes. Winners will be announced during the live show but do not need to be present to win. 

The Grand Prize $200 Value

20 colors of Abstract innovative paint 120ml pouch Value 200$

10 additional Abstract Prize Packs 

10 Abstract Paint Prize's (Surprise Abstract Gift Products-Full Size)  Value 50$ 

Eligibility for the Grand Prize:

Must be 18+ 

Living in the Contiguous United States and Canada 

Eligibility 10 Mystery - Abstract Prize Packs: 

7 of the prizes Open to  18+ Living in the Contiguous United States and Canada 

3 of the prizes will be awarded global to people 18+  where legally allowed 


No purchase is necessary to enter  

Winners will be announced during the live show but do not need to be present to win. 

Winners must respond to their confirmation within 72 hours to coordinate free shipping of their prize.

NO personal information gathered from this from will be shared or used for purposes outside of entry  

The statistical data of the last two question will be shared with Abstract paint but no personal or contact information will be shared or used outside of contacting winners.  

This giveaway is not Affiliated with YouTube or Facebook in any way. 

Giveaway is co hosted by:

Andrew Cook, Savoir Faire, and The Art Sherpa 

contact info:

Andrew Cook: 

More info

N121201-574.jpg Abstract120ml_500ml.jpg N134010921SennelierAbstractInk.jpg Liner.613SennelierAbstractLiner.jpg

The Paint 

Heavy Body 

abstract® Acrylics

abstract® is an innovative Acrylic system presented in a revolutionary packaging. Available in 60 colors (36 Satin, 12 High Gloss, 6 Iridescent and 6 Fluorescent), the highly pigmented paint features a heavy-body texture that offers great covering power while enabling for a lot of transparency. Painting straight out of the extra-sturdy pouch through the practical beak makes abstract ideal for both large work and “street art”. The pouch is also economical as totally squeezable, and displays a transparent window for accurate color reference and level check. Sennelier has been indeed modern since 1887.

  • Innovative Acrylic system in revolutionary packaging
  • 60 Colors: 36 Satin, 12 High Gloss, 6 Iridescent and 6 Fluorescent
  • Available in 120ml/4oz. and 500ml/17oz. (20 colors)
  • 10ml/.4oz. samples available for artists and schools
  • Highly pigmented Fine Acrylic
  • Heavy-body texture has both excellent covering power and outstanding transparency
  • Texture allows for all Acrylic techniques
  • Painting straight out of the extra-sturdy pouch on any surface makes it ideal for “street art”
  • Totally squeezable pouch is economical
  • Large transparent window on the pouch displays actual paint inside the pouch
N121201543.jpg N121201606.jpg N121201303.jpg

Soft Body Matt 

The abstract® Matt Acrylic Paint is as innovative as it is distinct from the original Satin version. In fact, asides from the revolutionary pouch, the twins couldn’t be as different:

  • 60ml instead of 120ml
  • 35 Ultra-Matt Colors
  • Soft-body Consistency
  • Extremely Fluid for Maximum Coverage
  • Super Opaque
  • Velvety Stretchy Finish
  • Any Substrate

The product is available in a set of 5 (Primaries plus Black & White)

N134010921SennelierAbstractInk1.jpg N134010543SennelierAbstractInk.jpg N134010613SennelierAbstractInk.jpg

  abstract® Inks

The abstract® Acrylic Inks feature the same high pigmentation as the abstract® Acrylic paint, and much more:

  • 43 Luminous Colors
  • Acrylic Thinner
  • Transparent
  • Cadmium Free Colors
  • Light Resistant
  • Water Resistant (when dry)
  • Recommended for all Surfaces
  • Brushes & Dip Pens
  • Suitable for Airbrush
  • Convenient Cap Dropper
Liner.613-SennelierAbstractLiner.jpg 10_121301_574_PrimaryYellow_Liner416x419.jpg 10_121301_314_UltramarineBlue_Liner416x419.jpg

abstract® Liners

The abstract® Acrylic Liners come as a complement to the abstract® pouches and tips. The convenient shape and size make them extremely handy and they are sure to open new frontiers to any artist’s creativity.

  • 20 abstract® Best-Selling Colors
  • Holds abstract® Acrylic Paint
  • Heavy-body texture (not the common fluid acrylics)
  • For precise contours and special effects
  • Highly pigmented
  • Refillable from the abstract® pouch


abstract® Acrylics Tips

Mixed-media painters can let their creativity run wild with the Sennelier abstract® tips. The tips are screwed onto the abstract® pouch nozzle, thus enabling artists to paint straight out of the pouch and create numerous effects. The tips are a wonderful complement of the pouches, opening new horizons to studio and street artists alike.

8 abstract® tips for unlimited creativity.