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Cut out the Competitive in painting and Create compassion

user image 2016-10-24
By: TheArtSherpa
Posted in: Painting Party From Home
Cut out the Competitive in painting  and Create compassion

Sometimes you will find people BEING competitive with you in your Art Journey. It is a bummer and is poison to your creative process. You may even find yourself feeling competitive from time to time. "She is Better then me" or " He has Real Talent " Can take root in your head. Rent space in your studio and it sucks. Sometimes your friends in family will enter you in a competition without your permission. Have you ever shown someone a painting and been regaled  with stories of a Real artist with tons of Talent that person knew.  Leaving you feeling less then worthy.

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There are times when you will be beset by a rivalry uninvited into your happy little art journey. It is an uncomfortable space and can drain your true purpose which is to perfect your own creative space. NOT to define theirs. These intruding rivals can be friends, family members and envious bystanders who see your light and think they have to steal it to unburden their darkness. Total bummer and also at the end of the day utterly pointless. 

Art at its core is the act of being yourself. To listen to your inner voice and embrace how you see the world. Its about being centered in yourself not self centered. When a person actively tries to push you over with negativity while you are finding your balance it can feel SUPER destructive and upsetting. If you are new artist you can really take a tumble which is why its great to have a safe space to share while you get firm footing. Its why we have TWO GLOWS AND A GROW  here instead of critiques. You generally are very clear of what you did wrong. What you really need to see is what you did great and what you almost nearly have. Little steps that build on each other to a life long art journey happens.

Its important to find your mission statement as you create. The why of YOU. Why am I painting? Is it to heal and find Relief? Is it to relax and enjoy yourself? Is it to put a voice to a life of silence? Is it to tap into a creative side you felt you lost along the way? To get to know yourself better? To make the world more beautiful? To create images that bring Joy? To painting that make people think? Find your mission statement and stick to it. Hold it close and keep at with you always. 

When a Negative or competitive person comes into your life ask yourself. WHAT Does this have to do with my Creative mission? Does this person know that they are being this way? Sometimes people just have oppositional opinions without any conscious thought to them. Thats just how they create drama in their life. BUT YOU want to keep all that drama to your canvas not in your life. Some people are just poison and they need someone to loose so they can feel like a winner. They cant turn their own light on so they feel if they steal your bulb to light the empty space. Either way you cant do anything about this. Not your wounds to heal. You will never Loose enough to make them winners. Never be belittled enough to make them interesting. All you can do is art. Art on my friends ART ON.

You can get past this but its a Two step process. Hit that block - delete - mute  button for the haters in your heart so you can art. If the negativity is a loved one just edit what you share. If they love you they will find a way to be supportive in time.  If the darkness is a bulb stealer Cut them out entirely. Scrape them off your shoe and walk away. If they have wounded you creatively it make take you a while to let it go. BUT let it go you must. Art on and on and on.  You can move past them one painting at a time. 

Then turn up the volume on the people who cheer you on. They are likely there and you just need to tune into that positivity. Follow the love. The supporters of your creative Journey. Find those gems and make them the focus of your mind and time. Show them your art and let them in. They are the gardeners of your art Journey. Shine light on them and let them shine on you. Finding the people who see what is great in your painting will do so much for early growth and give you the safe space to become your creative mission Statement. BE the dream. 

Also be the light and support you want to see in your world. Like the paintings of others. Lift up and praise those sharing the road with you. Be a light keeper. Embrace your light, their light  and all the light and you will find yourself part of a sun. 

No one will ever be You as much as you. You are the very best at it. I hope that here people will feel the safe haven to just discover their creative mission and embrace it. 


Jazmin Alvarado-Colon
11/12/16 02:43:51PM @jazmin-alvarado-colon:

I love this quote! I always believe that as long as we believe in our own art that's what makes it beautiful!

10/30/16 03:08:20PM @annedvorachek:

You are a wise woman and I take comfort in your message.  The friends and family who laugh at and criticize my art also tend to be negative about any of my journeys or successes.  I try to remind myself that the negativity is an indicator of their own unhappiness; they need more love and support...and giving it helps me in my own journey.  Thank you Cinnamon!

Janine da Froggy
10/30/16 06:52:55AM @janine-da-froggy:

Thanks Cinnamon. I love this space where we can just art for the sake of it and not have to be making high expectations of ourselves so early on in our journeys. Even if a person's getting back to it after a long time, sometimes just knowing that doing what makes us happy, and remembering why we picked up our materials in the first place can help spur you on to keep going.

I've been tougher on myself through going to art school, but I think that's starting to ease. It comes back now and then, but just realising that I'm learning so many ideas and techniques and materials helps me be ok. I know I can draw. Proportion messes with me at times, but I do progress. Practicing radical acceptance in the moment and stage of journey is my thing I'm working on, and I know I'll get there, but you and this community sure help make this much easier <3

10/29/16 12:44:58AM @cv251:

Thank you for your positive encouragement. I am a new follower and have painted with you thrice already. Love all your artistic information.

Belinda Larry
10/25/16 10:49:15PM @belinda-larry:

Sherpa, I find that other peoples' competitiveness can rob me of joy in many aspects of my life if I let it.  I am more interested in kindness and humanity than competition and measures.  I'm just so grateful that I can post my paintings here while I grow.  Your community is the first and only community I have allowed myself to become a part of for a very long time and I'm slowly feeling safe enough to comment and post.  I am creative and artistic and now am just ready to express it.  Thank you for Your vision, kindness, bravery and work to recognize that humanity benefits and thrives from art!

10/25/16 12:26:35PM @donnaf:

I had to write more about inspirations from this blog. If anyone wants to look, it's here: I Need Art Like a Bird Needs the Sky

10/25/16 05:06:55AM @donnaf:

"Art at its core is the act of being yourself." 

Wow. This really speaks to me and I think I feel a whole blog post coming on, but for right now I just want to say thank you for saying that. I never could accept other people's opinions that my art appeals to them. I am beginning to, and it's really a process in self compassion. Because being myself has always felt very risky.... Of course why would I believe anyone? I'm that kind of person who always thinks everyone is lieing just to shut me up. Well guess what? I don't want to shut up. And guess what? I have my own way of doing things! 

I'm beginning to see why I need art like a bird needs the sky. 

10/24/16 10:53:19PM @kristi:

Beautiful and perfect in so many ways!  Now I just gotta convince the hospital how important and healing painting is for me so they let me bring my art supplies with me.  :-D  (Those places definitely need some color...waaaayyyy too white.)  Heehee!

10/24/16 09:23:20PM @mozz:

Fantastic thank you 

10/24/16 09:13:54PM @lpearsonart:

Thank you, Cinnamon. I could not have said it any better. You encourage me and helped lift me out of a very dark place. You have shown me how to find my inner child again and to be free hearted again. I really can't find the words to tell you what finding you has meant to me. God bless.