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By: TheArtSherpa
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belle in watercolor  copy.jpg

Welcome to the wonderful world of watercolor. I'm so excited that you might be interested in taking up this medium with me. Just like I love teaching acrylic to beginners, I enjoy introducing beginner's to the Wonder and Magic that is watercolor.


Watercolor  weekly evening class that's fully step by step to introduce new artists to the joys of watercolor. It's just like our livestream acrylic class on YouTube, but with Watercolor.  Classes are level friendly, fully step by step to introduce new artist to the joys of watercolor. Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums. I just love it. 


What materials do you need ? 

We have a new kit for 2023 ! 


Watercolor kit Swatches .jpg Sprout.JPG

Dont Worry I have an Exchange for our Pigmented colors so you can easily swap back and forth. Just use the correct color from either your pigment paint or the sheets on any of the lessons!!


The watercolor classes I offer are designed so that you can follow along using exactly what I'm using or what you already have. In terms of color mixing, watercolor is more forgiving than acrylic paint. I find that most people are comfortable with slight differences in color in their paintings. We're all unique, so I'll explain exactly what I'm using every time. I am introducing my line and wash watercolor kits for 2023. They are designed to work with older classes, and there is a cheat sheet for color exchanges so you can go back and forth easily. 

When you have time, I recommend watching a couple of classes. My Instagram videos contain some watercolor classes that are unique. They are much older. While I have watercolors on my acrylic channel, I have been focusing on the watercolor channel in the last couple of years. There are sometimes hidden gems on Facebook as well. It's okay, most of the classes you'll want to watch are on the watercolor YouTube channel. This is just to let you know where you might find a cookie or a surprise. Our website also offer a search of my  watercolor lessons.

Where do I get the Line and Wash designs 

#1 You buy our prints on 140lb paper from the Store 

#2 Free you can print your own on your own watercolor paper from the Traceables tab!! I love ya either way

Crush line and Wash  kit 1 2023 .jpg Cup of sea line and Wash mermaid 2023 .jpg Father and child line and Wash 2023.jpg The Boat Line and Wash kit 1 2023 .jpg

32 techniques everyone needs to know 

Watercolor starting out 

How to use the NEW line and Wash Watercolor kits

 The following is your material list for Watercolor Wednesday.  Not all colors will be used for every class. Not all materials will be used every class. I do expect to use all colors and all of these materials during the 2021 class year.



9x12 140lb 300 GSM Watercolor Paper Cold press in a Block pad

What is a watercolor block? 

A watercolor block is a pad of watercolor paper that’s bound on all sides with a coating of a rubber like material called padding compound.. You paint on the top sheet of paper and then remove it after it fully dries flat. To separate the painting from the block, insert a dull palette knife into the gap in the binding and run it around all four edges. A watercolor block helps prevent the warping of the paper when it is wet. 


If you have a regular pad of paper you can tape all of edges of the sheet to the table with low take tape and then carefully peel them after the sheep its dry. 



Recommended - 

Fabriano Block

Strathmore Block 

Arches  Block 

Strathmore Pad 



Try to have a Round , A wash or Quill , A bright and a detail in your basic kit. You can get away with a round brush to start.  

I will always share what I am using in the show. Brand I like are Soft Aqua by Raphael , Escoda and Black Velvet. 

SoftAqua Quill  4

SoftAqua Round  14

SoftAqua Bright 

Escoda Perla Series 1430 #12 

Flat wash 1" 

Detail round  

VERY optional Brushes 

Raphael Precision Mini Brush Travel Set of 6 

Jazper Stardust Version of Escoda Reserva 1212 #8 - ( made by hand by request only) 


Palettes for paint - 

Porcelain Watercolor Palette  




Posca pens in white and black fine nib 3mm to 1 mm

Fluid White Acrylic 

T Square Ruler  

Artist Tape  

  Grafix WM2 White Mask Liquid Frisket 

Rubber Cement picker upper 


Paper Towels 

  BOOKS : 

Color Mixing Bible :  

How to Mix Skin color - 

Victoria Finlay History of Color:

  Place to buy BRUSHES - 

The Brush Guys:  

Discount Code :  THEARTSHERPA

Common questions 

When is it ?

Check the Calendar for class times

How do I Join Live class the class ?

You can also find the the class on Youtube -

You can watch the streaming video class  from the page on your chosen device!  

How much Does it cost ?

Its Free 

Is it hard ? 

Like everything, it can be a little challenging in the beginning to learn how to do something new. However, watercolor is a very beginner friendly medium  and I find people can pick it up as quickly as they did acrylic, sometimes even easier.

Can I use Acrylics ?

 You can use acrylics watered down to get some similar effects to watercolor. The paper is a good binder and prevents issues with watering down that you might normally see on canvas. There are a few differences. It's very easy to lift or reactivate watercolor.  Once acrylic is dry it's permanent.  Watercolor is very transparent and acrylic can be much more opaque.  Some techniques are different.  You can paint acrylic over watercolor. You can't paint watercolor over acrylic. I don't recommend using acrylic on fine watercolor brushes as it can build up in the ferrule and shorten the life of a brush.  Watercolor will not harm acrylic brushes in any way and you can use what you have until you're ready to buy special brushes just for watercolor. 

Do I need to have your exact materials? 

 You can use what you have. If you have Crayola watercolors, start with those. I will talk about how to guess a close approximate color on the palette you have so you can paint along and still get a good result

Can I view  your classes at a later time? 

You can watch my classes after the video is done streaming both on Youtube  and on our website

What level of painter do I need to be ? 

All levels of painter are welcome and no drawing is Required 

The Hoot Guide 




Paintings are all beginner friendly but rated in 3 levels of difficulty called Hoots

Below is a list of RECOMMENDED MATERIALS for our past classes . 

The Art Sherpa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.   

Only one of each is needed.  3-4 links provided to help you find colors in stock. Please look around for sales deals and other brands 

Brands of watercolor I love Sennelier L'Aquarelle   QOR By Golden  Daniel Smith  M Graham  Van Gogh 

Watercolor Paint Color List 2021 


watercolorworksheets2021galleryimage 1.jpg   


Hansa Yellow Medium 

Sennelier L'Aquarelle - Primary Yellow for this brand 

Golden QOR - 

Daniel Smith -

M Graham -  

  Nickel Azo Yellow 

Golden QOR -  

Daniel Smith - 

M Graham

 Quinacridone Magenta 

Golden QOR - 

Daniel Smith - 

Holbein - 

 Pyrrole Red

Golden QOR -  

Daniel Smith - 

Turner - 

Holbein - 

 Transparent Pyrrole Orange 

Sennelier L'Aquarelle - ( sennelier orange ) 

Golden QOR -  

Daniel Smith -  

Turner -  

Phthalo Blue

Sennelier L'Aquarelle - 

Golden QOR - 

Daniel Smith - 

M Graham -

Ultramarine Blue

Sennelier L'Aquarelle - 

Golden QOR - 

Daniel Smith - 

M Graham

Phthalo Green 

Sennelier L'Aquarelle  

Golden QOR 

Daniel Smith - 

Quinacridone Gold 

Sennelier L'Aquarelle - 

Golden QOR - my fav 

Daniel Smith - 

 Opera Pink 

Sennelier L'Aquarelle -


Daniel Smith -

 Burnt Umber

Sennelier L'Aquarelle - 

Golden QOR -   

Daniel Smith - 

M Graham -

 Payne’s Grey 

Sennelier L'Aquarelle 

Golden QOR - 

Daniel Smith - 

Here is a link to Sherpa's Amazon store where you can find her most used products and products she loves. Just click into the Watercolor section .

Sherpa gets a small stipend to help off set costs if you use this link, (even if you don't shop Amazon, this gives you all the information to find the products where you shop)

Color Mixing chart 


Download your own here 

(Click tiny link below to print out )

[ jrEmbed module="jrFile" id="285" ]

watercolor grid.jpg

What if you Bought our Covid Watercolor Art Kits During Covid? 


If you purchased one of the watercolor sets that we had in our store during the initial lockdown. you may wonder what colors exchange well for the new 2021 art palette. You may also wonder if there's a difference between the tube watercolor and the half pan watercolor. In this blog I'm going to let you know what colors in your palette to use when I'm using the 2021 colors. I'm going to give you some resources to match the colors you have to the colors I'm using and just in general make your watercolor experience easier.


Official 2021 Colors    French Escape Kit 

Hansa yellow  

Nickel azo yellow 

Pyrrole red 

Quinacridone Magenta

Opera Pink

Quinacridone gold

Phthalo Blue 

Ultramarine Blue 

Forest Green 

Burnt Umber 

Payne’s Grey

Lemon yellow 

Lemon Yellow + little bit of French Vermillion 

French Vermillion 


Carmine + little bit ultramarine 

French vermillion + lemon yellow + sepia 

Phthalo Blue 

Ultramarine Blue 

Forest Green + Phthalo Blue 

warm sepia 

Payne’s Grey 

Download your own here 

(Click tiny link below to print out )


Download your own here 

(Click tiny link below to print out )

watercolor image blank.jpg

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Free draw or No draw option use the traceable -

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PLEASE note there are many other places to buy materials and I support you shopping and finding your best deal. 

Please let me know if a link is broken.

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