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BRUSH Questions HERE

By: TheArtSherpa
Posted in: Painting Party From Home
BRUSH Questions  HERE

ASK your Brush Questions here. Any burning brush questions. It's a Brush omnibus. We want to know what you want to know. We plan to make a video and a FAQ for our community so this art things gets easier and easier. 

01/08/17 03:16:31PM @bkcherub55:
I have so many brushes I could supply several people! don't know which ones to use when LOL. My husbands says you have a lot of brushes..I have bought even more...
12/25/16 04:24:36PM @soniamarie:
I understand a size 10 can vary between brands, but does it vary within the same brand's SH and LH? Are there any differences aside from the handle length of a brand's SH and LH?

When you say your brushes are at the spa, are you rehabing them yourself or are have them taken somewhere to be reconditioned? What all does this process entail?

Where can I find the brush you used for Bamboo reeds? I searched Amazon and my local craft stores to no avail...

Julie C
12/23/16 11:25:24AM @julie-c:
I don't understand why my new Simply Simmons brushes are so much smaller than the same number brushes are on the videos. For example my number 8 bright is only a 1/4" wide, what did I do wrong ordering??? It is a long handle and the number on brush is 255160008. My number10 filbert is only 1/2" wide etc etc. Please help for future purchase!!
12/19/16 05:29:24PM @cinnamon-cooney:
These Questions are going to be used as part of an awesome series of Video's.
Wendi Goodchild
12/08/16 10:32:22PM @wendi-goodchild:
What was the blue brush you used today on the Rocky mountain quest. It seemed like it was a stiffer filament but they were pure white. On a more general note I know you have been on a brush quest. I would like to know how the brushes you tried compared to both Simply Simmons extra firm and Ruby Satin Silver. I feel like the comparison of the two, would give us a truer sense of the new brushes from your quest.
Jazmin Alvarado-Colon
11/30/16 07:36:05PM @jazmin-alvarado-colon:
Will that include what each brush stroke can do for you in a painting?
11/29/16 09:45:26AM @karen:
I want to see the difference in the line of a good brush vs a medium grade brush. I would like to see the difference in quality on the painting itself.
11/29/16 04:58:47AM @cv251:
I purchased mine at Michael's. $4.99 for a set of three. 3 sizes.
11/28/16 06:29:32PM @raunda:
I am having a hard time finding a brush that I can do really fine lines with even the tiniest brushes I have splay out as I use them. Is there a good stiff tiny brush out there??
Virgene Andelin
11/28/16 06:19:50PM @virgene-andelin:
My question would be the elusive cloud brush. Where the heck do you find them? I have seen people going to stencil brushes. Is this the best option right now?