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LIVE HOW TO MAKE WATERCOLOR PAINT for beginners step by step at Home

LIVE  HOW TO MAKE WATERCOLOR PAINT for beginners step by step at Home

Friday June 11 2021, 11:00 AM
@ YouTube
Attendees:  @Mystlib@Magi

Live class for Beginners Learn how you can make your own watercolor paint step by step live demo. We will cover the basics of materials, Tools you need and basic techniques and tips to be able to make your own primary set of paint. Yup this is really live  and Questions are welcome 


Primary Pigments - we use Sennelier  you can find their paint pigments at most art store and online -

Premixed gum arabic solution 

Ox Gall 

Tempered Glass mixing plate 

Glass Muller 

Empty Pans for Watercolor 

Palette knife 

Rubbing alcohol in mister 

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