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@trashpanda • 5 years ago

My beautiful friend sent me message the other day after the election:
"My artsy and most loved family, my heart hurts for our country and children who are dealing with the hatefulness lately and I need to paint it out. Yin and yang keep coming to my mind inspiring peace through the balance of differences. But the process is stressing me out too. I want the yin and yang to include words what are clearly opposite (love hate) but I also want to include current specific issues without assigning them a side in fear of not being balanced myself. My only idea so far is to put them in the outside but I was also thinking of putting balanced words on the outside or just a peaceful background. Thoughts? Inspiration? Love you both. Please share this idea with anyone else you think might be able to help. ❤️😘"
We have decided on a collaboration of sorts and we're hoping Cinnamon might be willing to do a short tutorial to make it a world wide effort.
The idea is to do a yin and yang with balancing words ... positive under the dark and negative under the light. My goal is to overlay a dragonfly because it represents to change to me. Everyone could use whatever represents change to them. My starts of this collaboration are posted under my unique art.


Maybe we can be a force for change in the world, our nation, and ourselves.
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