ANGRY BIRD ON BARBED WIRE  | Beginners Acrylic Tutorial Step by Step | The Painted Bird Hop
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ANGRY EUROPEAN BEE EATER BARBED WIRE Easy social paint night in you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home keeping it fun. This is a Painting course  for Beginners who want a real  acrylic painting step by step tutorial about how to paint  . Everything is 100% real time, multi Camera angles and fully explained so its easy to understand.  YOU CAN PAINT THIS !! The Painted Bird Hop is hosted by Cinnamon Cooney, The Art Sherpa, and Ginger Cook and is a free multi painting afternoon journey of 6 fat cute birds that you can do on small canvases in a single sitting.  6 paintings 1 day of colorful fun 

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On Saturday, Sept 11th, starting at 1 pm, The Art Sherpa and Ginger Cook will take turns guiding you through an adorable happy bird painting journey. Paintings are being created on 6x6 canvases and will start one right after the other and last about 50 minutes or less  each. All classes are designed for beginning to advanced acrylic painters, so join and watch from home while you paint along …… all for free, free, free.

All classes in the Hop will be broadcast on YouTube (IN EASTERN TIME) in this order

The Art Sherpa | 1:00  pm EDT 

Ginger Cook  |  2:00 pm EDT  

The Art Sherpa | 3:00 pm EDT 

Ginger Cook | 4:00 pm EDT  

The Art Sherpa | 5:00 pm EDT  

Ginger Cook | 6:00 pm EDT 

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The Art Sherpa 


Ginger Cook Live 

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The Art Sherpa 


Ginger Cook Live 

Bird hop Model 4.jpg

The Art Sherpa 


Ginger Cook Live 

✏️    The Art Sherpa Mini  book, traceable, resources: 

Coming soon 

Chapters : 

AFTER the live show 

Difficulty Meter Level in  Hoots : 1 to 2   Hoot -- all Beginner all age friendly 

Materials Lists 

for all 6 paintings are provided below; please note that not all birds will use all colors.

*** Acrylic Paint Colors ***

Cadmium Yellow Medium  

Yellow Oxide or Ochre   

❤️ Cadmium Red Medium    

❤️ Quinacridone Magenta    

Phthalo Blue Green Shade   

Ultramarine Blue 

Phthalo  Green Blue Shade 

  Dioxazine Purple 

  Burnt Sienna    

☁️  Titanium White:   

Mars Black (PBk) 


** GINGER will add some pop with these alternate colors - Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic in Luminous Rose and Maude.  You can just use a bright pink and dioxazine don't if you don't have her colors.  

CANVAS : 6x6


Please use these as a suggested guide to help you.  These are brushes that we use most  often.  You do not need to have the exact brand of brushes. 

Angle brushes ¼ to ½ inch 

Round Brushes #4

Small round detail brushes on #00 or #1 

A Liner Brush

Assorted bright brushes for Acrylic #6 - #8

Art Sherpa #8 Cats Tongue 

OTHER TOOLS- suggested not required 

Palette for paint

Cups of water

Towels for cleanup

Pencil White

T-Square or Ruler

Golden Glazing Liquid For Blending

Saral Paper

Artist Tape

Posca Pens


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About The Art Sherpa:

  Artwork and video is the sole property of The Art Sherpa™  and intended for the students personal education and Enjoyment. For questions regarding using any Art Sherpa painting in a commercial setting contact us for all other questions 

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Tracing Method


Adjust the size to fit your surface and be sure to check your printer settings to see if the final size reflects the size you need. 

Rub the back with graphite or use Saral paper and skip this step.


Be sure to rub the back of your paper on the side without the lines drawing using a HB pencil.

Hold up to window light to make sure graphite covers all the lines of the subject drawing.

Test your Seral paper to make sure the color you are using is going to show on the canvas.

Tape your paper on your surface to transfer with tape to keep it from moving. If you are using saral paper make sure you have both sheets taped down and the transfer side of the Saral paper will be facing your surface. Carefully, with medium pressure, redraw over every line. You can lift one corner of paper to see that your transfer is happening. If not, check if your rubbing is too thin or that your pressure is not too light. After you are done tracing the lines, remove your traceable and you should have a copy of the line art on your canvas.  

 PAST BIRD HOP ✏️ Mini books :

img20210727_17285703.jpg Bird Hop 1.jpg img20210727_14374606.jpg
Bird Hop 2.jpg img20210727_17274077.jpg Bird Hop 3.jpg

All past classes in the Hop can be found here  

  1. The Art Sherpa | 1:00  pm EDT-
  2. Ginger Cook |  1:45 pm EDT -
  3. The Art Sherpa | 2:30 pm EDT -
  4. Ginger Cook | 3:15 pm EDT - 
  5. The Art Sherpa | 4:00 pm EDT -
  6. Ginger Cook | 4:45 pm EDT

Past Traceables - 



Bird hop Model 8.jpg