Retro Abstract Lighted Christmas Tree Beginners Learn to paint Acrylic Tutorial Step by Step
Retro Abstract Lighted Christmas Tree Beginners Learn to paint Acrylic Tutorial Step by Step. Easy social paint night in you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home keeping it fun. This is a Painting course for Beginners who want a real acrylic painting step by step tutorial about how to paint . Everything is 100% real time, multi Camera angles and fully explained so its easy to understand. YOU CAN PAINT THIS !! All Art lessons are brought to you by The Art Sherpa ‍ You can join our Live stream chats daily to connect with other painters just like you.
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Phthalo Green Blue shade SENNELIER
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12/25/21 01:34:02AM @cquinn:
HI there: I tried this one, after I had success with the vintage white tree- it turned out a little differently but only because I did too much of everything! and added the moon, and stars (more likely snow) a solid 1 hoot painting- hope you have fun painting it too!
IMG_1020.JPG  •  8.3MB

12/16/21 07:24:58PM @catherinedana:
Please advise where the download is?
Many thanks!

12/25/21 01:37:14AM @cquinn:
at the top of this page? or do you mean the traceable/mini-book? they come out after the video has aired for the first time, and you would find them on this page once they are published. Hope that helps