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Viki C
@viki-c7 years ago

Hi🎨 Fellow arters! I have always to be able to draw and paint. I read about a million books on drawing and got pretty good at faces but then I stoped and now, well I'm back to square 1. Cinnamon has helped me so much ! I love that after a session with her I usually (lol) always have something that I did that I am proud of! Now if I could only draw and paint some original stuff! (Quest 2017?) I am all grown up as are my kids and I have 6 beautiful grand kids , three who live with me! :) I babysit two little sweet children too a 3 month old and a three year old... I always look for time to paint.. Sometimes my depression gets me down and I go for a while without it , I can't figure out why cause I always feel better after!! Looking forward to sharing and growing with this group!! 

Viki C
02/15/17 05:48:23PM @viki-c:
I started the big art quest last year and painted every day for months then I stoped and didn't paint for almost a year... just starting up again. I'm not sure how long it will last this time... you never know... keep your chin up, smile and shine in! :)
01/08/17 03:20:07PM @bkcherub55:
I hear all that ..I have anxiety and depression issues..I always go hog wild buying stuff to do projects and then never hardly get any done..Love and hugs to you