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Weaving paint

user image 2016-10-26
By: DonnaF
Posted in: Landing Place
Weaving paint

I had no idea why I painted this today... not at first. It started out as a really weird painting of flowers and sky with all the colors in the wrong places on purpose. Then came stripes, from the bottom right to the top left... and so why not add a basket weave? 

When I stood back to look, I found a dhurrie rug. 

Maybe this painting wasn't an accident - maybe I needed to remind my self that I am strong and hearty. The reason is this: I looked up the definition of dhurrie: Dhurrie rugs are flat-weave rugs with origins in India, .... strong, hearty weaves 

I am strong-willed

I am heart-filled

Like a dhurrie weave

I don't even mind that it's messy and uneven. Have you ever seen a dhurrie rug that wasn't after many useful years? 

11/03/16 10:43:35AM @donnaf:

Thanks @pamela-westerman!

Pamela Westerman
11/03/16 10:31:32AM @pamela-westerman:

Love it!

10/26/16 06:28:30PM @donnaf:

Thanks! You know what? So do I. Funny how it evolved. I love it when this sort of thing happens... when something just evolves and then it even tells me why.