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@jade7 years ago

So, I have been a bit frustrated lately, because my last few paintings have not turned out. For some reason, I just really struggle with getting things right when doing animals.... but then I got to thinking about other things that I have tried, or started, and did not succeed when I first tried, but I kept going, kept trying, and eventually got to where I wanted. So today I have decided that I am not gonna let it get me down anymore, instead... I am going on my own kind of art quest. I have to thank Cinnamon, because something she talked about in one of her videos gave me the idea. I am going to do a painting every day for a month, and I am not going to opt for the ones that are easier for me, or something that I know I can do. Instead, I am going to do ones that I know are going to be difficult for me.... who knows, if I have an idea I really like, I may do the same painting more than once, .... until I get it.... and until I have improved my skills... especially when doing animals.  I will be sharing my daily paintings on here, even the really bad ones.. lol... because the only way to get better, is to keep trying. :)