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Drawing of My Daughter and Grandson Finished

user image 2016-10-12
By: LPearsonArt
Posted in: Art Discussion
Drawing of My Daughter and Grandson Finished

I finally finished the graphite and charcoal drawing of my daughter and grandson. Both of them are the youngest (youngest daughter and youngest grandson, also Valerie's youngest son). Maybe I should have named this The Youngest, lol.

06/16/17 12:37:43AM @manonchouinard:
Verry good. 👍
Aaron C. Miller
11/08/16 03:17:11PM @aaron-c-miller:

Great job!

10/12/16 11:00:07AM @lpearsonart:
The line down the right side is part of the rectangle that goes around the whole picture framing it in. I guess the whole thing doesn't fit within the boundaries of the image box here. You can go to my gallery and see the whole picture.