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Big Art Quest 2017 Has Started

By LPearsonArt, 2017-04-02

The Big Art Quest 2017 #BAQ2017 has started and lots of eyes and faces have been posted. Thanks to everyone for sharing your art.

(By the way, did you see Spyder's tutorial video? He is an awesome color mixer! Check out his video here:


My Art Studio

By LPearsonArt, 2016-11-01
My Art Studio

My bedroom has slowly become my art studio.

Big Art Quest #4 Complete

By LPearsonArt, 2016-10-25
Big Art Quest #4 Complete

I completed the #bigartquest 4 with my take on one of Cinnamon's traceables. It was harder than I thought it would be, but like the way it turned out. This will probably be a present for my best friend. That's why I named it "Best Friends."

Big Art Quest 3 Complete

By LPearsonArt, 2016-10-22
Big Art Quest 3 Complete

I finished quest #3 of the #bigartquest and it was a lot of fun. I went to Hobby Lobby and felt brushes. I felt like a spy for The Art Sherpa! Not sure if it was just me, but seemed like every brush was soft. One of these days I will be able to order the Simmons brushes so I have something to compare with.

I then thought all week about the "Secret Life of My Brushes" and came up with my interpretation of that quest. Had a lot of fun with this and enjoyed it very much. Thanks #CinnamonCooney you are the best! You have brought a lot of joy into my life. You and John are fantastic!

Painting With My Daughter

By LPearsonArt, 2016-10-15

I spent today painting with my oldest daughter. She decided since today was her birthday, she wanted the two of us to attempt to paint an image she drew. Even though I had to work this evening, we spent a few hours working together painting on our canvases. We were not able to get finished, but had fun while we got to play. We will finish tomorrow I think since I don't have to work. I will share our pics when done if she will allow me to do that.

Drawing of My Daughter and Grandson Finished

I finally finished the graphite and charcoal drawing of my daughter and grandson. Both of them are the youngest (youngest daughter and youngest grandson, also Valerie's youngest son). Maybe I should have named this The Youngest, lol.

Day 3 of Art Journey

By LPearsonArt, 2016-10-08

Everything art has slowed down since I have to work. I am off the next two days - hooray! Hoping to be able to work on the pears some more and get those finished. Need to move on in my #bigartquest from now on.

CreateHeart Art Journey

By LPearsonArt, 2016-10-06
CreateHeart Art Journey

Day 2 I started "the pears" last night after work. Here is what I have so far, but think I may start over.

Day 1. The pears haunt me - in the daytime, at night, when I sleep, when I wake! Artist person inside me rescue me from these pears!!! #bigartquest