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Big Art Quest 3 Complete

user image 2016-10-22
By: LPearsonArt
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Big Art Quest 3 Complete

I finished quest #3 of the #bigartquest and it was a lot of fun. I went to Hobby Lobby and felt brushes. I felt like a spy for The Art Sherpa! Not sure if it was just me, but seemed like every brush was soft. One of these days I will be able to order the Simmons brushes so I have something to compare with.

I then thought all week about the "Secret Life of My Brushes" and came up with my interpretation of that quest. Had a lot of fun with this and enjoyed it very much. Thanks #CinnamonCooney you are the best! You have brought a lot of joy into my life. You and John are fantastic!

10/25/16 05:09:43AM @donnaf:

Lol good luck on your quest! It's such fun to order supplies and have that fabulous box of heaven appear at the doorstep one day! 

10/24/16 08:52:13PM @lpearsonart:

@donnaf Good for you! I will have to check out Michaels next time I get over to Longview. Probably going to order some either from thebrushguys or jerrysartarama though. I think one of those has that #10 in stock now. Or was it dickblick? Anyway, one of those, lol.

10/24/16 07:23:57PM @donnaf:

A spy for the Art Sherpa! LOL! Love it! 

I finally made it to a Michaels today and found the same thing - so many SOFT brushes..... but the Simply Simmons one's were pretty good and so I bought a bunch... they passed the flick test. I also got a couple of soft grip. It's so funny. I tried to be discreet, but the lady was stocking brushes as I was there flicking them a few feet away. She was fine about it, too. She could tell I was on a mission, and in the end bought 9 brushes. Had she not let me, I would have bought zero. :)