Sunset Twilight Girl Healing  Beginners Learn to paint Acrylic Tutorial Step by Step
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Sunset Twilight Girl Relaxing Beginners Learn to paint Acrylic Tutorial Step by Step. The Art Sherpa Retreat Collaboration with @Ginger Cook Easy social paint night in you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home keeping it fun. This is a Painting course for Beginners who want a real acrylic painting step by step tutorial about how to paint . Everything is 100% real time, multi Camera angles and fully explained so its easy to understand. YOU CAN PAINT THIS !! All Art lessons are brought to you by The Art Sherpa ‍ You can join our Live stream chats daily to connect with other painters just like you. Difficulty meter level in Hoots : Inspired by the digital art of Amanda Carden

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*** Acrylic Paint Colors *** Cadmium Yellow Medium ❤️ Cadmium Red medium ❤️ Quinacridone Magenta Phthalo Blue Green shade Ultramarine blue Phthalo Green Blue shade Dioxazine Purple Burnt Sienna ☁️ Titanium white Mars black


16 x 20

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OTHER TOOLS Sta-wet palette on show Dritz chalk tool T Square Ruler Golden Glazing Liquid For Blending Saral Paper Artist Tape The Pioneer Woman Turning Table

Brushes - Brushes: Please use these as a guide of what I am planning to use. These are brushes I use very often. You do not need to have the exact brand of brushes that I use. Bright Round Angle Fan Blender Mop Cutter Detail Monogram Liner Brushes are Defined by Size, Filament, Type, Firmnes, and Handle Length XS: less than a CM SML : 1\2 “ to ¼” MED ½” to 1 “ LRG 1”to 2” XLRG bigger them 2” in width or diameter Brushes are Synthetic, Hair or Hog Bristle Brushes Long Handle or Short Handle Brushes are Extra Firm , Firm or Soft Examples: Med Hog Bristle Bright Extra Firm LH XS Synthetic Monogram Liner Firm SH

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