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Art shamed

user image 2016-11-14
By: Aaron C. Miller
Posted in: Reviews
So I was a member of painting with Jane's monster squad but was removed and blocked from her group with out reason or notice. I really don't care much but it kinda hurts my feelings I have only painted for 10 months and for no reason I'm being forced out of a group with no reason. Sorry had to complain a bit just hurt I'll get over it :)
Aaron C. Miller
11/15/16 10:30:03AM @aaron-c-miller:

Maybe hope so emailed her and still have no responseĀ 

Aaron C. Miller
11/15/16 07:28:12AM @aaron-c-miller:

Thanks guys I'm getting over it just sad I was a good supporter 9f her channelĀ 

11/15/16 06:45:04AM @moneica:

Arron, I am so sorry they did that to you. That is so sad. I would be hurt too. But Mona is right. It is their loss!!!