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14 Daily Painting Challenge

By Aaron C. Miller, 2016-11-12

Ok So me and my sister decided we are going to do a 2 week Daily painting challenge I would love to get this wonderful art community in on this. So here are some tips and notes on how we are running this challenge.

1. You need to choose 14 Photo refs of anything before you start. (it can be hard to find something you want to paint halfway in to the 2 weeks.)

2. No downing other peoples work or your own. 

3. If you get stuck ask the community for their eyes to see what you might have missed or maybe know of a color mix that might help with your painting.

4. Dont get down on your self if you dont complete the 14 days. 

5. Paintings must be on smaller canvas or canvas board as it is to difficult to do larger works in this manner.IE.(9x12)

6. None of these will be judged this is for your personal art journey.

7. Have Fun Dont STRESS! 

8. Upload in to a new album your challenge photo.

So Have fun with this Challenge and post your challenge paintings! I will be starting mine on the 15th.

Message me if you have any questions.