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@donnaf6 years ago

Okay... newbie question... is it tacky or wrong to give a painting as a gift without a frame? I'm having a hard time finding enough of the size I need to afford so many and it's really bumming me out. Sigh. 

12/01/16 09:11:12AM @donnaf:
Thanks... I did find a few frames but I had to paint them... they were so dull I added a coat of gloss and dang if the gloss didn't dry sticky! Serves me right for going cheap on the gloss. Maybe it will harden up, but I've about had it with the frames! LOL. Kind of takes the fun out of giving the gift. I thought that the canvas boards I was using were a pretty standard size, but no. I still have some time left, but if I strike out I'll just go with what I have.
Jannette LeAnn Knutsen
12/01/16 08:49:10AM @jannette-leann-knutsen:
no its not tacky or wrong I have given paintings with and without frames!
stupid worthless idiot
12/01/16 07:59:01AM @stupid-worthless-idiot:
I'm with Julie... I don't frame the paintings, I just make sure to paint the edges and put picture wire on the back. That way they have a way to hang it, and if they want a frame, they can always get one themselves.