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Ballroom Dress Give-away @ 1pm Central

By: TheArtSherpa
Posted in: Painting Party From Home
Ballroom Dress Give-away @ 1pm Central

To Enter: Leave a comment below of your favorite Dress from the Ballroom Giveaway.

Check rules and guidelines as some restrictions apply. 

This is not sponsored or affiliated with Facebook in anyway. This is an Art Sherpa Giveaway
The official Rules:
The painting completed during the LIVE event on facebook will be given away to one lucky winner. Winner will be notified and must respond with confirmation within 48 hours of notification if the win. If they do not respond another winner will be selected. 
Contest is open  Contiguous United States  residents ages 18+ 
Entry Dates are Dec 30th 12pm noon 2016 to Jan 2nd 12pm noon 2017 CST.  
Winner will be selected randomly. 

To members of our global art community we will be sure and have another giveaway that is open outside of the USA soon. We had shipping limitations this time but hope to do more give-aways to our peeps globally too so keep watching for future events 

To learn how to paint your Own Ball Gown 

01/06/17 03:25:19PM @bkcherub55:
When is the drawing?? Have we missed it??
stupid worthless idiot
01/07/17 04:24:32PM @stupid-worthless-idiot:

The deadline was January second. They picked a winner and emailed them, but want to wait to announce who it is until the person replies to their email.

Brenda Sue
01/04/17 01:31:17PM @brenda-sue-ivie:
When, when when are we gonna know who won???????????
01/03/17 06:50:16AM @blessedheir:
Thank you all for entering in this giveaway! We look forward to the next time we do this, please hang tight while our robots pick a winner. I'll go push some buttons! :D

01/02/17 02:50:51PM @stundhands:
Thank you all for entering in this giveaway! We look forward to the next time we do this, please hang tight while our robots pick a winner. I'll go push some buttons! :D
01/03/17 09:26:25AM @april:
Has a winner been selected yet?
Linda Mandeville
01/02/17 01:17:41PM @linda-mandeville:
I think the whole painting is beautiful...but since my daughter's favourite colour is purple...I will choose the purple one :)
Wendi Goodchild
01/02/17 12:09:23AM @wendi-goodchild:
There is no way to pick just one... So amazing.
01/01/17 10:52:19PM @zaubrer:
OMG!! I love the Kevin dress!!! Purple is my favorite color too!!!!
01/01/17 09:14:23PM @bkcherub55:
I like the dark blue/black dress with the vines and flowers ,so elegant. Love watching all your videos, thank you so much for sharing so much of your time with us.
Heidi Tucker
01/01/17 08:44:04PM @heidi-tucker:
Love the pixie girl!
Lyne, LM Seguin
01/01/17 08:25:02PM @lyne-lm-seguin:
So beautiful AND just love The energy, YOUR tips and you and John make me laught, LOVE YOU guys AND LOVE all your dresses and reminds me when I was young thee hee...
Bonnie Pleasants
01/01/17 05:30:51PM @bonnie-pleasants:
I am in awe of all the Art Sherpas talent to bring her creative energy to this space the Ballroom lady can open up all kinds of creative juice for me and love the way she teaches the rose technique I will surely incorporate this technique in my future paintings thank you from my heart and soul Cinnimon!!
Ilda Florez
01/01/17 05:03:20PM @ilda-florez:
Love them all
01/01/17 04:44:24PM @cv251:
Hard to choose! They are all beautiful. My favorite is the the pink haired lady. Her gown is colorful and her sassy personality is evident.
Kathie Harris
01/01/17 01:55:49PM @kathie-harris:
They are all SOO Beautiful! The green dress is my favorite, but I absolutely adore each one! I am deeply touched at the endless ways you continue to give of yourselves. 😍 Thanks for sharing your heART! Happy birthday John!
01/01/17 01:17:20PM @donnaf:
It's really hard to pick one favorite, but that sunflower gown just makes me smile from ear to ear! And her fingers crossed behind her back... this is so stinking sweet I love it! I would flip if I won this painting... but even if I don't, I feel like we all get to win every time we are blessed with your live art and demos! xo thank you and happy new year!
Devona Hendricks
01/01/17 08:30:19AM @devona-hendricks:
Love them all! But the blue is my favorite! Thanks Cinnamon!
Loretta Nash
01/01/17 07:28:57AM @loretta-nash:
My favorite dress is the ruffles.
Maggie Laird
12/31/16 10:18:42PM @maggie-laird:
You are so awesomely talented! I need my Sherpa fix every day. I love the sunflower dress, but I feel connected to the one with the wine glass! Thank you for all that you and John do. 👏💕👏💕
Peggy Hatcher
12/31/16 10:16:42PM @peggy-hatcher:
Choosing a favorite dress is very difficult! But the one that stood out the most to me was the green one. Here's crossing my fingers!!
Brenda Sue
12/31/16 07:43:06PM @brenda-sue-ivie:
Cinnamon and John, thank you so very much for adding the wish for Zoe to this very special painting. I already entered but wanted to tell you. I have my fingers crossed to win, with Zoe on it it would be an extra bonus.
Monique Simar
12/31/16 07:38:16PM @monique-simar:
Cinnamon, You are a awesome teacher! I have learned so much in the last year from you! I tell everyone about you. I love all the dresses. thanks for your spirit of love, kindness and giving. Happy New Year
Ilda Florez
12/31/16 05:49:58PM @ilda-florez:
All the dresses are BEAUTIFUL!
12/31/16 04:44:22PM @hogwartscraftcastle:
I love the the Harvest Dress! 🤗
12/31/16 04:23:08PM @trina:
I love the painting.. and would love to win this for my special needs adults that I teach! love the green gown and the sunflower but my favorite is the black rose gown!
Julie Nguyen
12/31/16 04:08:59PM @julie-nguyen:
I would love to have this. My favorite is the dress with the roses!!! Thank you for all you do!
Catherine Perez
12/31/16 02:24:22PM @catherine-perez:
I resonate with rock a billy and one reminds me of Lucile Ball.
Ruth Hooper
12/31/16 12:46:26PM @ruth-hooper:
I love them all.....I love the rose gown!!!
12/31/16 12:33:27PM @missyg:
I love the entire painting! If I had to pick one that stood out to me it would be the sunflower dress. She has hair that is like mine and I love sunflowers! <3 Beautiful painting and good luck to all :)
Ilda Florez
12/31/16 11:42:10AM @ilda-florez:
I love this painting....
Shae TwoOhSix
12/31/16 10:51:45AM @shae-twoohsix:
❤🌈 Woops! I forgot to say my favorite lol 😂 I really love the sun flower dress 🌻
jodi's whimsies
12/31/16 10:46:46AM @jodis-whimsies:
Hmm...hard to pick. My favorite is the kracken gown, but I would love to wear the black with roses dress. Wait though the sunflower dress is beautiful and the green gown is exquisite. The blue and red bustle gown is very festive. The kracken gown rockabilly girl is my favorite.
AnnMarie Lamser
12/31/16 09:18:06AM @annmarie-lamser:
My favorite was always the one she was painting at the time :) Love them all!
12/31/16 08:54:02AM @karinowakowski-longley:
Ok I commented before but now, the pixie cut with that beautiful lime green dress is AMAZING!! I love it!
shannon bess
12/31/16 08:43:22AM @shannon-bess:
I love this painting! It's truely spectacular!!!
Bonnie M
12/31/16 08:39:27AM @bonnie-m:
I LOVE the "green dress". I could easily see myself wearing that Ballroom Gown. An aside note: i love the lady in golden dress who is crossing her fingers in hopes of that awesome looking gent across the room coming over to ask her to dance.
Gina Marie Beaulieu
12/31/16 06:43:46AM @gina-marie-beaulieu:
Wow this was hard to pick just one...I love the entire painting however....The kracken dress is my favorite...I wake up to art sherpa almost has changed my and hugs from North Carolina
12/31/16 06:20:11AM @beverly-tilton:
I love the green one, but the sunflower dress is a close second!
Nancy Ertan
12/31/16 02:28:16AM @nancy-ertan:
I love the girls, but i come frome Holland 😉😘 happy 2017 🍾🎉🍾
12/31/16 02:06:12AM @irlynda:
Man o man was this a tuff one. Lol. Not really, they were all so pretty but you know I am a die hard KEVIN fan so it must be the kraken dress. Thank you both for all you do. Your commitment and love of art shows through in everything you do.
12/31/16 01:21:46AM @kristi:
Love them all but the kracken dress is the best! :-)
Shae TwoOhSix
12/31/16 01:08:25AM @shae-twoohsix:
Absolutely beautiful Cinnamon! ❤🌈 Thank you for a chance to win, but also for sharing with us!
Robin Cote
12/31/16 12:19:01AM @robin-cote:
beautiful painting love all the dresses but spring is my favorite time of year so I will choose the green dress
Debra Bawcum
12/31/16 12:17:37AM @debra-bawcum:
They are all so good but my favorite is the black/blue dress with the flowers :)
Angela Maxwell
12/30/16 11:24:02PM @angela-maxwell:
I love all of them but if I must choose ,the black dress with the flowers! Thank you Cinnamon!
Ilda Florez
12/30/16 11:17:20PM @ilda-florez:
Love the black dress with flowers
gabriela mingucha
12/30/16 11:16:20PM @gabriela-mingucha:
i really like the green one but its such an awesome painting
Ilda Florez
12/30/16 11:15:18PM @ilda-florez:
WOW I love them all...I love big dresses...
Coleen Mathis
12/30/16 11:11:50PM @coleen-mathis:
Totally LOVE your YouTube channel. As a newbie to painting I am so excited with each new design. I watched this ball gowns painting and love them all especially the roses dress. Please keep inspiring us with your paintings and your funny banter with Hubble. I watch your mom too, great tutorials. Keep sharing!
Tammie Holt
12/30/16 10:54:38PM @tammie-holt:
WOW, I LOVE them all! I guess if I had to pick a favorite, I would say the sunflower dress as sunflowers are my favorite flowers. I would love to own this Art Sherpa original!
Vicki Bennett
12/30/16 10:24:20PM @vicki-bennett:
My favorite is the one with the sunflowers!!
Sarah Berry
12/30/16 10:22:09PM @sarah-berry:
My favorite dress is the green dress. This was such a fun show. Thank you for taking four hours + out of your lives to share your talents today (both painting and stunt hands). Happy New Years.
12/30/16 08:28:50PM @patricia:
I just love the sunflower dress! I am having so much fun with this since i found you on you tube. I always wanted to learn how to paint! Thank you for your time and your possitive attitude! I love you!
Cathy Pearce
12/30/16 08:26:53PM @cathy-pearce:
I love the Kraken rockabilly dress!
12/30/16 08:25:10PM @notretired:
Love all the dresses. The rose one is so beautiful!
12/30/16 08:21:30PM @mariejv84:
I LOVED watching you paint this!! My favorite dress is the one with the roses. But, a close runner up is the Sherpa-Kraken!😁
Rhonda Magee
12/30/16 08:11:29PM @rhonda:
My favorite dress is the blue with the roses. But second runner up is the green one. If I were lucky enough to win, I would send it to my little granddaughter Avah 😊😊
12/30/16 08:05:43PM @cwebber:
My favorite is the gorgeous yellow and what I perceive as a ginger bc I'm a lil bit of a ging😊Fantastic work Cinnamon!! Thank you so much for all y'all do!!
12/30/16 08:05:18PM @sandraboyer:
Absolutely love this painting!! I would be honored to be able to hang your painting in my home. I love the rockabilly dress!
12/30/16 08:05:17PM @hannahbanana:
The floral green dress is breathtaking and my favorite. Can you guys imagine if these were real dresses. I'm quite sure I'd buy them all without even having an event to wear them to.
12/30/16 07:54:06PM @namiedwards:
I like the one in the Sunflower dress! I like that she has her fingers crossed. Like maybe she already knows she's going to cheat a little on that new year resolution, ha ha!
Samantha Gonzalez
12/30/16 07:18:41PM @samantha-gonzalez:
The black dress with flowers is my fav! Good luck to everyone!
12/30/16 07:15:18PM @shanna:
I love all of your paintings but this painting is awesome! Love the sunflower dress!!
12/30/16 07:07:49PM @kimsim:
I think I like the sunflower dress the best. I hope I win because I want to send it to Mona!
Margaret Orr
12/30/16 07:00:18PM @margaret-orr:
Love them all, but the black one is my favorite with the green one a close second. I love flowers :) !
Hope Vermilye Wright
12/30/16 06:57:34PM @hope-vermilye-wright:
The sunflower dress is awesome.....however itis a hard decision as I love them all!! Fantastic job Cinnamon!!!!
12/30/16 06:52:18PM @pennybentley:
Loved them all!
Donna Paliotti
12/30/16 06:22:53PM @donna-paliotti:
My favourite dress is the sunflower one but I'm really looking forward to the one that you will be doing tomorrow.
Lisa A.
12/30/16 05:56:57PM @lisa-a-bash:
I love the sunflower dress the best. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach!
12/30/16 05:50:43PM @joe-orth:
Like the sunflower dress.
Cindy McPeck
12/30/16 05:44:32PM @cindy-mcpeck:
Definitely love the Sunflowers! Wouldn't that be an awesome dress for real?!!!
Becky Chagnon
12/30/16 05:15:35PM @becky-chagnon:
I see the 4 seasons in 4 of your dresses. The black one is winter. Sunflowers is fall. The green one is spring. And Kevin the kraken is summer. I am not sure what the red & blue one is! Anyway, my favorite is the Kevin the Kraken dress!
12/30/16 05:14:08PM @rose:
I love the sunflowers but they are all beautiful, but

cinnamon always does beautiful work LOVE YA GIRL

Bridget Findley
12/30/16 05:10:38PM @bridget-findley:
Mesmerized by your demo of this gorgeous painting! All the gowns are uniquely expressive. Love the sunflower dress the most! Thought it was going to be a magnificent mushroom gown but it morphed into a spectacular sunflower sensation! Magic!
12/30/16 05:08:32PM @april:
I watched the entire LIVE and I still can't pick just one! Therefor, I am picking them ALL! Cinnamon did and incredible job on each girl. Way to go and thank you for giving us the opportunity to see the full Sherpa!
Deana G Barbieri
12/30/16 05:08:21PM @deana-g-barbieri:
I love the dresses, It would be nice to have this in my house.
12/30/16 05:04:44PM @brenda-bartlett:
Omg such a toss up! I love the Harvest dress! If I had to wear one I would wear the the black one! You are awesome! Thank you both so much for all your hard work and dedication to your craft.
Brenda Sue
12/30/16 05:04:32PM @brenda-sue-ivie:
love the painting!! want it hanging on my wall, please pick me. I like the red and blue dress best.
Marilyn Johnson
12/30/16 05:03:35PM @marilyn-johnson:
I absolutely LOVE the sunflower dress..wish I could wear any of those gowns tho...fabulous job!
Karyne Fagg
12/30/16 04:53:49PM @karyne-fagg:
Awesome painting, I love the Kevin dress but my favourite is the Rockabilly cutie. Each dress has so much character and stories to be told.
I am from Australia so don't qualify - but wanted to comment because this is awesome

Kerrie Quirk
12/30/16 04:50:38PM @kerrie-quirk:
Okay, sorry awesome Rockabilly girl, but I am completely and totally in love with the sunflower dress!
JoAnn Bass
12/30/16 04:50:15PM @joann-bass:
[quote="JoAnn Bass"]
My favorite is the girl with the side twist in her hair, but they are all beautiful!

YES! She has sunflowers on her dress!! I love sunflowers !

Mannette Pugh
12/30/16 04:49:11PM @mannette-pugh:
I so wish I could just watch this again and paint this gorgeous painting....these women are just beautiful and their gowns are truly stunning. I love, love the pixie dress and the blue/black one. I will definitely be painting tomorrows tuturial. Long ago I gave up on entering contests as I never do win but with fingers crossed (like the beautiful redhead) I'm hoping to win this treasure and if I were to be so lucky, will cherish it always. Thanks for being you, Mannette!
Jazmin Alvarado-Colon
12/30/16 04:41:57PM @jazmin-alvarado-colon:
I love the whole painting, and love all the dresses. My favorite is the the blue and red!
12/30/16 04:39:29PM @amberama76:
I would love to win this. My fave is the Kevin dress!
Pamela Brooks
12/30/16 04:39:10PM @pamela-brooks:
I love the Kevin dress! Kevin rocks! Hope I win, lol.
12/30/16 04:37:35PM @blessedheir:
Hi cinnamon !!! I LOVE this painting its so beautiful she looks like a spanish senorita and I straight up want to win this as a birthday present tomorrow is my Birthday! and in hispanic soooo see another win win ;) ( will show proof if i need to LOL)
Rachel Miller
12/30/16 04:19:10PM @rachel-miller:
I love the girl with the purple hair and octopus dress! She's awesome!
Alisha Meston
12/30/16 04:12:30PM @alisha-meston:
Belinda Larry
12/30/16 03:52:56PM @belinda-larry:
I love the Kevin dress! Love you and chatty John! Happy new year!
12/30/16 03:44:44PM @tiarawilliams:
Rockabilly princess is hands down my favorite :)
Lori Riley
12/30/16 03:42:06PM @lori-riley:
What a beautiful painting! I love the red dress!
Donna Poirier
12/30/16 03:37:14PM @donna-poirier:
I can't pick just one I really like them all. but the purple Kevin dress is my fav colors so yeah that one 😆
12/30/16 03:36:42PM @bridget:
I love this painting! Thank you Cinnamon and John for all you do! You're amazing!
Chelle (preferred name)
12/30/16 03:36:12PM @chelle:
Oh my gosh!!!! Hands down the Kevin dress! I love love love the girl and her hair anyway and you just totally rocked it! It's a party girl Sherpa 😃
Veronica Simmons
12/30/16 03:35:35PM @veronica-simmons:
I love the sassy red head, so far
Veronica Simmons
12/30/16 03:37:44PM @veronica-simmons:
Pink rather
Sherri Youngman
12/30/16 03:31:51PM @sherri-youngman:
Loving this painting!!! Amazing!💕
Donna R Hunter
12/30/16 03:21:49PM @donna-r-hunter:
This is my most favorite yet thank you so much Cinnamon and John. Best wishes for the new year. Looking forward to the live on Saturday!
12/30/16 03:20:20PM @kysejoy:
love the Kevin dress :)
Juliet bullen-dunbar
12/30/16 03:19:54PM @juliet-bullen-dunbar:
Lovin the Kevin dress! My day goes better with a lil sherpa in my day.
Teri Padgett
12/30/16 03:17:17PM @teri-padgett:
I'm a red head so I have to side with the ginger beauty. That hair is gorgeous!
Diane Harder
12/30/16 03:15:27PM @diane-harder:
My 13 yr old granddaughter would LOVE this!
Alan Smith
12/30/16 03:11:54PM @alan-smith:
My favorite girl is the Rockabilly chick with the pink hair. She totally looks like Lucille Ball.
Janice Woods
12/30/16 03:10:17PM @janice-woods:
I haven't seen them all but if the faces are any indication of what the dresses will be like I am sure that they will all be beautiful. I love the one she will be painting on Dec 31. The roses are just wonderful. When I did the girl and the eiffiel tower, I painted a rose on the back where her waist was.
Kerrie Quirk
12/30/16 03:08:58PM @kerrie-quirk:
I love everything about this painting, but so far the Rockabilly Girl is really speaking to me. She makes me wish I were brave enough to be more expressive in my appearance. And that I could get away with it at work! LOL
Diane Harder
12/30/16 03:06:51PM @diane-harder:
I love the gown on 2nd right
Ilda Florez
12/30/16 02:46:04PM @ilda-florez:
I love all the gowns..any gown that makes a young girl feel like a princess is my favorite
Maureen Colson
12/30/16 02:39:31PM @maureen-colson:
Maureen Colson
12/30/16 02:42:22PM @maureen-colson:
12/30/16 02:37:36PM @karinowakowski-longley:
I love the one with the Lucille ball look. She has pink hair close to a red head like me!!
Maureen Colson
12/30/16 02:33:24PM @maureen-colson:
Pat Walsh
12/30/16 02:22:34PM @pat-walsh:
OMG The pressure of having to choose just one!! I'm leaning toward the ball gown on the far right ... love that bustle.
Maureen Colson
12/30/16 02:20:03PM @maureen-colson:
I love the dress with all of the roses on it!!
Wendi Goodchild
12/30/16 02:10:59PM @wendi-goodchild:
OMGosh this is going to be beautiful
Aaron C. Miller
12/30/16 01:56:02PM @aaron-c-miller:
All of them fab so hard to choose lol! Hope to win it
Angela M Germain
12/30/16 01:54:10PM @angela-m-germain:
[quote="Angela M Germain"]
I love these girls. I love the second lovely lady from the right because she has a Lucille Ball feel meet Jane Austen. I actually feel that these wonderful ladies are a resemblance of Jane Austen / Elizabeth Bennet over the years and genres. Just lovely

Wanda Svenson
12/30/16 01:51:17PM @wanda-svenson:
Would love to have any painting by Cinnamon Cooney, The Art Sherpa and beautiful and talented daughter of Ginger Cook!
Cindy Lou Chambers
12/30/16 01:50:35PM @cindy-lou-chambers:
Hey Cinnamon and John.. I'd love to win the painting!
Laura Minette
12/30/16 01:50:24PM @laura-minette:
I would love to win. I never do but I keep trying, it's like when I buy a lottery ticket I know what I'm really buying is 3 seconds of maybe. :-)
Kerrie Quirk
12/30/16 01:47:42PM @kerrie-quirk:
THIS IS AMAZE-BALLS! I would be proud to hang this in my house. THRILLED even.
Carol Gross
12/30/16 01:47:00PM @carol-gross:
I love all the dresses, I would love to win this. I never went to my prom so I can live through these girls.
Patricia Simmons
12/30/16 01:46:45PM @patricia-simmons:
Loving your painting party. Ladies are looking beautiful!
Gail Marchand
12/30/16 01:46:34PM @gail-marchand:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this painting!!! Would love to win this!!
12/30/16 01:45:13PM @moneica:
I love the painting, My favorite is the Rockabilly girl. I love the look of her eyes.. This is so awesome, I would love to win this painting!
Tammy Cutter
12/30/16 01:44:43PM @tammy-cutter:
My favorite is the first dress . You rock sherpa hey I would like to win this paint . To email sweet
Angela M Germain
12/30/16 01:41:49PM @angela-m-germain:
I love these girls. I love the second lovely lady from the right because she has a Lucille Ball feel meet Jane Austen. I actually feel that these wonderful ladies are a resemblance of Jane Austen / Elizabeth Bennet over the years and genres. Just lovely
Tammy Cutter
12/30/16 01:38:40PM @tammy-cutter:
Aha tvthe first dress my favorite
12/30/16 01:37:58PM @letha:
I would be honored to own an original Art Sherpa painting. It will remind me of the best part of 2016, which was finding the Art Sherpa community!
Chelle (preferred name)
12/30/16 01:24:45PM @chelle:
Oops totally misread the rules 😂😂😂
Chelle (preferred name)
12/30/16 01:23:07PM @chelle:
My most favorite dress was my prom dress (old school 80's gal) giant puffy skirt with snug bodice and off the shoulder puffy sleeves 😂 But man I loved that dress and the color was a light turquoise. I felt so beautiful 😊
Sandi Schario
12/30/16 01:23:06PM @sandi-schario:
ok I figure if i make a comment here i will be registered to win this painting I would love to own a sherpa original!!!!!!
Kimberly Bacon
12/30/16 01:23:05PM @kimberly-bacon:
Love this girl in the party dress!
Rebecca Coleman
12/30/16 01:21:49PM @rebecca-coleman:
Finally found it! Hope I win!!!
Alisha Meston
12/30/16 01:20:19PM @alisha-meston:
MY BIRTHDAY IS ON SUNDAY AND THIS WOULD BE THE BEST GIFT EVER!!!! Have been following for 2 years now and you are fantastic. You have helped me heal and find purpose. much love
12/30/16 01:18:34PM @pamsmith:
Love the girls, perfect for the end of the year!
Tonya Browning
12/30/16 01:16:40PM @tonya-browning:
So excited about this painting and learning how to do it myself tomorrow!
Janice Woods
12/30/16 01:14:33PM @janice-woods:
Janice Woods
12/30/16 01:06:54PM @janice-woods:
This is gorgeous and I would love to own it.
JoAnn Bass
12/30/16 12:07:07PM @joann-bass:
My favorite is the girl with the side twist in her hair, but they are all beautiful!
12/30/16 09:40:57AM @stundhands:
Woot! Can't wait :