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March 2021
Acrylic April is Coming Issue #5

Table of contents 

  • March Pre-view Classes 1-14
  • Acrylic April Bonus Technique Classes
  • New Mini books !!  
  • Featured Artist Tamara Laporte  
  • Self care tips - as given by Tamara Laporte
  • Word Search
  • Store News
  • Niblette news what is gnew in the gnomedom  

Sherpa Schedule 1st-14th February

Click on any of the photos to find the lesson.

dawn bloom.jpg click photo to view lesson

Live on YouTube  2 March
16 x 20 canvas

how I mix colors.jpg click photo to view lesson

Live on YouTube 4 March 
8x8 canvas

daffodils.jpg click photo to view lesson

 Live on YouTube 6 March
16x20 canvas

still life.jpg click photo to view lesson

 Live on YouTube 9 March
8x8 canvas

paint clouds.jpg click photo to view lesson
 Live on YouTube 11 March
16x20 canvas

flower.jpg click photo to view lesson

Live on YouTube 13 March
9x12 canvas

Class Times 

YouTube Acrylic lessons Live see above: Every Tuesday 5 pm EST and Saturday 1 pm EST 

We may have Bonus class releases on Thursday at 11 am EST** 

Facebook Watercolor Wednesday see below: Wednesdays 7 pm EST


Watercolor Wednesday

Facebook  3rd March

easy ladnscapes .jpg

Watercolor Wednesday

Facebook 10th March

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    Banner jan 21 .jpg

    January 2021 1-15  The Art of Self Care   Issue 1 

    Table of contents 

    • January Pre-view Classes Jan 1 -15 
    • Message from the Art Sherpa 
    • The new acrylic art materials you need to know about for 2021 
    • Exciting art challenge news. What is coming back and what is cancelled 
    • Featured artist Frida Kahlo  
    • Self care tips - Lavender   Bubble Tea   
    • New store items 
    • Cool finds for your studio 
    • Niblet news what is gnew in the gnomedom  

    thumbnail  template tree bee.jpg


    Mini Book 

    TAS210105.01 Frida thumbnail  .jpg


    TAS210106.01 Heart in a Bottle thumbnail  .jpg

    9x12 140 lb Cold press  watercolor paper 

    TAS210109.01 Coffee Window thumbnail .jpg

    Mini Book 

    thumbnail  TAS210112.01 Boy and Owl.jpg


    thumbnail TAS210113.01 Lilly and Butterfly.jpg

    9x12 140 lb Cold press  watercolor paper

    Class Times 

    YouTube : Every Tuesday 5 pm EST and Saturday 1 pm EST

    We may have Bonus class releases on Thursday at 11 am EST** 

    Facebook : Wednesday 7 pm EST

      Don't miss out on your favorite live classes 

      Text TheArtSherpa to 33222 on your phone for text Notifications 

      how to text .jpg

      Happy New Year 

      It's finally here! The New Year and the fresh start we have been waiting for. Yet, unlike the wardrobe in Narnia, going from December 31st to January 1st isn't really a magic door that changes everything. The  feeling of starting fresh comes from inside us and the way we hope and feel about the coming year.  Many things are the same today as they were just a few days ago. Many challenges of 2020 are still very much present in 2021. Yet I look to 2021 full of hope and a plans for improvement, both personal and as your Art Guide. 

      wall image corset .jpg

      The Plan  

      I've spent a lot of time thinking about what would make things easier for all of you as you learn to become creative beings.  I've looked back at the lessons I have learned as your teacher from last 6 years. I have been a busy bee planning what to do during the  2021 year so that I could make learning art even more fun, easy and accessible. What steps could I take to make your experience as new artist as rewarding as it possibly can be? To create a goldilocks zone of art learning?

      1. Consistency 
        1. Create a core schedule and stick to it as much as power, health and the internet will allow. 
      2. Set Materials 
        1. Create a set list of studio and art materials so you can participate in classes knowing far in advance what you will need. 
        2. Keep to those materials for all 200+ classes planned for 2021 
      3. Communicate early so you can plan 
        1. To let you know early what classes are coming in advance 
        2. More newsletters with more information 
        3. Events and posts on Facebook 
        4. Fill the calendar early 
      4. Provide more Learning Resources 
        1. Adding mini books supplements your video learning material. 
        2. Structured curriculum class programs 
      5. Add the fun 
        1. Include play and games on both the website and newsletter 
        2. Extra Surprise video classes 
        3. Share creative and self care tips

      mini book dress .jpg

      Mini Books 

      Try one Here  

      16x20 horizontal 9 Step by step The dress Jan 21.jpg

      emoi club .jpg

      Membership on Youtube 

      The 2021 Class Materials Lists

        Below are a list of RECOMMENDED MATERIALS.     

      Acrylic Colors .jpg  

      The Art Sherpa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  

      Amazon sometimes Raises prices based on interest. To help you check that you are getting a fair price for your item please enjoy this price checker website

      Amazon Fair Price checker

      *** Acrylic Paint Colors ***

      ***Cadmium Yellow Medium : PY 35




      *Naples Yellow light   : py 53 




      ***Cadmium Red medium   : PR 108 




      ***Quinacridone Magenta ( fuchsia ) : PR 122




      ***Phthalo Blue Green shade :PB 15:3 




      * **Ultramarine blue: PB 29 - 




      * ** Acrylic Paint Colors ***

      ***Phthalo  Green Blue shade : PG 7 - 


      GOLDEN -  


      ***Dioxazine Purple: PV 23 - 




      ***Burnt Sienna PB7   - 




      ***Titanium white: PW 6




      ***Mars black: PBk 11 





      16x20 -  

      11x14 -  

      9x12 -  

      8x8 -
      • My Paint brands of choice are  Sennelier Acrylique, Golden Artist Color,  or Abstract Acrylic. The links lead to the listed color in all 3 brands. 
      • These products were hand picked by me. First two links are professional grade, and then economy Abstract Acrylic that I personally recommend for student grade.

      Naples Yellow Light * Titanite Yellow * Or Naples yellow ??

      Naples Yellow graphic .jpg

      This is the only complicated part of the new 2021 list. To make it easier to understand what Naples is the right Naples, I wrote a blog. Naples yellow by any other name would be as yellow green, right? No, sadly Naples can run the gamut of stunning light yellow green to bandage bleh. So I just went and found them all. 

      Naples Yellow Blog  



      Fluid White Acrylic -  

      Zinc White: PW 4  

      Peel Paper Palette -  

      Dritz 3095 Chalk Cartridge Set :

      CretaColor pencil White :  

      T Square Ruler -  

      Golden Glazing Liquid For Blending -  

      T Square Ruler -  

      Saral Paper:  

      Artist Tape :

      Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap Kits :  

      The Pioneer Woman Turning table :  


      The Art Sherpa Patrons 

      Upcoming classes Jan

      jan 21 patron pure .jpg jan 21 power thumbnail .jpg
      Patron fox girl <a href=#9.jpg" title="Patron fox girl #9.jpg" border="0" width="341" height="192" style="margin: 0px;"> Jan 21 patron passionate .jpg

      Sherpa News

      sherpa news.jpg

      • Acrylic April link Life book link - 18+ Art Sherpa Fledging Artist Challenge  
      • Featured artist : Frida Kahlo 

        More Fun facts about Frida and the solution page coming in the next Newsletter. 

        • Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico City
        • She lied about her birthday, not to seem younger, but to share her day with the Mexican Revolution
        • She had polio as a child, was in a catastrophic bus accident, went through 30 surgeries in her life
        •  She started painting in a Body Cast
        • She was married to artist Diego Rivera - he was a lot 
        • She painted more than 200 paintings depicting the physical and emotional pain of her life
        • She is the mother of the selfie and one of the greatest icons of modern art 

        frida wordsearch.jpg


        The Art of Self Care. 

        1. Remember you matter 
        2. When you feel calm you can help others 
        3. Taking time to be creative helps you imagine solutions to problems
        4. If you have to take care of others remember you do that best from a place of rest, mindfulness and self compassion. 
        5. If you need to H.A.L.T.  and take a break to reset, Do So!  


        Hungry : Make sure your body is fed and your blood sugar is balanced. 

        Angry : Feelings are information. If you are angry remove yourself from the situation until you are calm and ready to explain calmly what you are feeling 

        Lonely: Human beings are social animals, when we are lonely we struggle. Reach out and connect with someone who cares about you. 

        Tired: Many of you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders right now and rest might be scarce. If you are very tired take every chance you can to rest. If its a nap then take a nap. If it is going to bed earlier, skip that show and watch it later on the DVR.

        These are simple things that can help you steer to a better feeling tomorrow.  

        lavender tea.jpg

        New Items in the Store 

        Watercolor Sampler Set.jpg Soap Puck Box Open.png


        Cool Finds on Amazon 

        Great Finds for the Art Studio 

        CREATURE CUPS Cthulhu Ceramic Cup (11 Ounce, Black)

         I think it looks like Kevin the Kraken #CommissionsEarned 

          Zmol Electric Pencil Sharpener ~  I love this Sharpener !! 

        The Kitty Cat - #CommissionsEarned  

          Adorable Micro kitty  Landscape Humidifiers -  

        download-1.jpg download-1.jpg 411azMS 1LL._AC_.jpg

        niblette 2.jpg