Brush Stroke Techniques Everything a Beginner Needs to Know  and nobody tells you #7  The Art Sherpa
The first Acrylic painting Brush Stroke techniques Every beginner needs to know to paint happily. This video with demonstrate the Core brush stroke painting techniques necessary for new artists to know.
This is part 7 of Novice November the Beginner Acrylic Painting Course with The Art Sherpa. This beginners Art Course course is a free complete guide on everything beginners need to know about acrylic painting for the first time.

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INTRODUCTION to Beginner Acrylic Painting Course Oct 30 th 1 pm edt

Class Course Syllabus
Oct 30 1:00 PM EDT - INTRODUCTION to Beginner Acrylic Painting Course
Nov 2 1:00 PM EDT - Setting Up Your Acrylic Art Studio
Nov 4 1:00 PM EDT - Acrylic Paint, The Basics
Nov 6 1:00 PM EDT - Acrylic Brushes For Beginners
Nov 7 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Surfaces For Beginners
Nov 9 1:00 PM EDT - Introduction to Acrylic Techniques For Beginners
Nov 11 1:00 PM EDT - Brush Stroke and Core Painting Skills
Nov 13 1:00 PM EDT - Introduction To Beginners Primary Color Mixing
Nov 14 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 15 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 16 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 17 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 18 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 19 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 20 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 21 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 22 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 23 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
Nov 27 1:00 PM EDT - β€œYOU DID IT” Celebration Party

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Classes start November 2, 2021, and will take place on both YouTube and Facebooks on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sundays, at 1 pm EDT until November 30, 2021. Every class will be at the easiest beginner level with a focus of helping first time artists. Not only will you learn the beginner basics about acrylic, but it is my goal that by the end of the course, you will have the fundamental set of skills you can build on and, at the same time, unlock your creative potential. Classes will be pre recorded live streams to help us schedule and to allow me to be present in chat during all classes to answer your questions.

The course consists of an introduction and 17 classes which will introduce concepts and skills needed for first time acrylic painters of all ages. Extra resources will be provided from the The Art Sherpa website,

Although students must provide their own art materials, I designed the series using the minimal basic art supplies for acrylic painting.

If you have really wanted to begin painting but did now know where to start, this course is perfect for you. Perhaps you have been painting for a while but never really got the opportunity to learn the basics. This is still the course for you.

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