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Ever After Book Launch Blog Hop

By TheArtSherpa, 2019-08-26

Hey Sherpaziods!

I have some wonderful & exciting news! I have a Giveaway and a Cool new Book to share with you. Enter for your chance to win your own copy  Enter HERE!!  You can also Enter more times if you’re check out the other teachers in the Blog hop. They each have a Copy to give Away too. 

EverAffterbook-cosy (1).jpg Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts has written a 2nd book!It's called 'Ever After: Create Fairy Tale-Inspired Mixed-Media Art Projects to Help you Develop Your Personal Artistic Style'. PLUS  I get to give away a Copy!bookpromo1smallcropped1024x1024 1.jpg

I'm so excited to share this new book with you and if you haven't heard about it yet, you've got to check it out. If you like Fairytales, Fables and imagination  You will love this!! If you are looking for something to help you achieve creative goals you're going to really like this book. This is Tams Second book. Her first was Create Your Life Book: Mixed-Media Art Projects for Expanding Creativity and Encouraging Personal Growth. You can see the  book reviews !


AND yes I went and got my own copy that I do in fact love. So when she asked if I would want to see her second book I was thrilled.Let me tell you a bit more about Tam's new book in case you haven't heard about it yet!

Let the wisdom and enchantment of timeless fables and fiction help you achieve your creative goals! From celebrated mixed-media artist and author of Create

Your Life Book Tamara Laporte, Ever After is a rich collection of step-by-step mixed-media art lessons inspired by fairy tales, folk tales, and classic fiction.Based on one of Tamaras popular series of online classes, Ever After addresses the most frequently asked question she receives from her students: How do I develop my own creative style?

In addition to the beautiful art lessons created especially for this book by Tamara and eight other noted mixed-media artists, each chapter offers creative exercises that invite readers to explore stories, their symbolism, and a specific aspect of style development as they work toward and ultimately achieve their artistic goals.   The Story of You. Explore the experiences, feelings, and ideas that stir your passion, and how to adapt and change motifs and other visual elements to make them your own.Inspiration: How to Find It, How to Use It. Examine how to stay open to inspiration, incorporate it into your art practice, and integrate it into your artwork.   Comfort Zones & Productivity. Learn strategies for working through your fear and dedicating time to your artmaking.   Dealing with Challenges & Deepening Your Voice. Find guidance for starting a mindfulness practice to help you deal with harsh feedback, and for allowing yourself the joy of continually evolving your story, your message, and your style.Ever After will teach you to tell your own unique stories through artmaking so that your wish”to become the artist you’ve always wanted to be sure to come true!  

Guest Teachers Includes lessons and tips from these renowned mixed-media artists:

Kara Bullock

  Lucy Chen   Danita Art  

Andrea Gomoll  

Annie HammanMarielle Stolp

Effy Wild

Micki Wilde

Fairy Tales, Fables & Fiction Featured stories include:

Alices Adventures in Wonderland  


Beauty & the Beast

Goldilocks & the Three Bears


Peter Pan

Sleeping Beauty

The Little Mermaid
The book is now out (yay!) and can be ordered in the following places:
US: Amazon | Barns & Noble | Indie BoundUK:

AmazonCA: Amazon | IndigoAU: BooktopiaIf you want a signed copy you can order it off Tam's site directly here:  

Now then, onto the give-away and blog hop! :) I can give away 1 copy of Tam's book to 1 lucky winner, yay! :) And if you follow the blog hop (see below for links and dates) you can up your chances of winning by entering all the other give-aways also! :)

How to enter the give-away Enter Here

OR here on the facebook page Facebook Entry

You can Also Tweet, Do the poll or Comment as prompted by the form. Don’t stress there are lots of ways to enter. 

I will announce the winner on August 30th on my facebook page!!

Here is the list of the other people on Tam's Book Launch Blog Hop they too will be giving away a copy of Tam's book so go check them out and enter their give-aways! :)

Have a great time following the blog hop! :)

Here is ME grooving on the book!!

IMG_7644 copy.jpg

Ever After the book. You will see me all day promoting around the social verse but you may wonder ..WHY? Well I am going to be frank. Because I really like it. There are tons of step by step books out there but very few Style development books. Of the style development books even fewer have any actionable advice that could help an aspiring artist but this one does! FOR real in my opinion. You can find this in all the book buying places 
US: Amazon | Barns & Noble | Indie Bou nd UK: Amazon |
CA: Amazon | Indigo
AU: Booktopia
You can get a signed copy here off Tam's site directly:  

14th August 2019 ->  Tamara Laporte 

15th August 2019 ->  Andrea Gomoll

16th August 2019 ->  Carla Sonheim

17th August 2019 ->  Danita Art

18th August 2019 ->  Effy Wild

19th August 2019 ->  Kara Bullock

20th August 2019 ->  Lucy Chen

21st August 2019 ->  Marielle Stolp

22nd August 2019 ->  Mick Wilde

23rd August 2019 ->  Toni Burt

24th August 2019 ->  Jane Davenport

25th August 2019 ->  Marieke Blokland

26th August 2019 ->  Cinnamon Cooney

27th August 2019 ->  Pamela Vosseller

28th August 2019 ->  Galia Alena

29th August 2019 ->  Annie Hamman

Art And Music healing Art Therapy

By TheArtSherpa, 2019-06-07

The Art Sherpa.png

June Announcement Newsletter

A note from the Team:Image result for june flowers clipart Greetings to all our Fabulous Sherpettes!,  Welcome to a special announcement newsletter!

In The News: Hello and Greetings. We are happy to report we are doing well and have some exciting new projects on the horizon. Lots of new videos, projects and Patron news. See below for details for some of them. 
So wondering what else we have been doing? We had a couple of great adventures in April and May. In April we were at Arts & The Park in Hots Springs, Arkansas. What a great time we had. So good we are doing it again next year too. Then then in April we were at Pinners GA and in May, we were at Pinners MN. And we had a great time at both of those events also. We met lots of wonderful Sherpettes at each event. We may be doing some more Pinners this year, so keep your eye on our schedule.
And, we have been invited to do an event in Canada with King's Framing and Art Gallery. So keep an eye out for upcoming info on those. 
Wondering about Sherpacon?

We have moved the date of Sherpacon to a future, unknown date. But it will probably be in conjunction with Arts & The Park in Hot Springs next year. Rest assured that it will still be happening, and we are firming up dates and location. Hots springs has amazing facilities for an event like Sherpacon, And it'll be all kinds of fun. The button machine and photo booth will make a comeback. The art spinner will return too. Plus, all manner of Sherpa fun, like ATC table, maybe rock painting, and we are hoping to add some make and take crafts for sale, that well, you get to take with you, LOL and of course we hope to bring back Glamma Jamma! In an effort to ease your pocket book we are working on a way to allow tickets to have flex pay. Also we are talking to several locations to get special rates for Sherpacon Attendees 
We appreciate your patience as we continue to revamp the website. Check out the news below to see a taste of what we've been up to lately. We are continually striving to bring you a better Patron experience and make the website easier to navigate and more user friendly and finish out our last Patron campaign.

Questions and concerns can be sent to Be watching though because in the next few days we will be adding a mailbox . The Art Sherpa ATC Team

Image result for announcement clipart

Related image

TASLB007- Yellow Girl Tree.png

And here is the scoop.

 Over the years we have read so many messages that share how much stress many of us are under.  Modern life can be overwhelming and complicated. Sometimes it can seem impossible to relax and find inspiration that is soothing to our hearts.  To help the best community in the world we have (21) new exciting videos to help you cope with the pressure of life. 

TASLB016 - TP Dandilons.png

We are so proud to Introduce the new Music and Art Experience :

20 videos of Curated beautiful art and music to decompress by at the end of a hard day. Each video has Simple yet beautiful Designs to spark your imagination. Piano music to relax your mind, body, and soul . You’ve never Seen this before. You have never Felt this before. There is even a magic WAIT FOR IT moment in the middle of each video.  You can put on these  Zen Meditative Acrylic Techniques videos anytime you need to unwind and refresh that creative wellspring.  Each video will demo different acrylic painting techniques showcasing: Palette Knife, Q tips, and Fan brush.  This is a Mind, Body and Spirit reboot created by The Art Sherpa so you can lean back and recenter your inner artist. We believe it's perfect to help beginning Artists spark creativity while creating a soothing environment to help you put down those worries, if just for  bit.  Each individual video is a short 5:55 minutes long. Watch one, or watch all. 2 hours in total for this first collection.  

We have a play list of (2 of hours) of safe, zen art and music, no surprises. Music is varied and selected for its beauty and de-stressing properties.

TASLB012 - Red Tree Girl.png

BUT what if you really want a tutorial for one of these yummy designs??? Don't worry, we will conduct polls in The Art Sherpa Official and on the video i-cards  to see which ones you would like as step by step tutorials.

Date : TODAY


Where : Youtube The Art Sherpa Channel. 

Playlist link so you can just lean back and watch all 20.

Also if you enjoy these you may like to Check out some of Design Team member Stephanie Bergerons Abstract Demo videos



Image result for in other news clipart                             

And Ready, Set, Go ! Here are the basics to the new, improved and awesomely exciting new Patron rollout. As you will notice, this has been set up like the Patreon system you are familiar with. The Sherpa is  dependent on the help of all our patrons to continue to do what she does best. Which is bring us fabulous, free content . It helps with supplies,  Image result for may flowers clipart like paint and canvas, studio costs, camera equipment, etc. And it brings with it lots of rewards.

The Art Sherpa Patrons will have access to so many unique exclusive benefits. 


For the adults, depending on which level you donate,you will enjoy monthly Adult coloring pages, monthly watercolor lessons, monthly acrylic lessons, access to special events like figure painting, and a Patron only facebook group. 

Here is a peak at the first Patron only watercolor. 


The Art Sherpa Patron Group 

 This T.A.S.P.G. group will be 18+ and allow a place to share our results from these special patron only live streams and videos.  There will be a 30 minute monthly Q and A  in the T.A.S.P.G. 

  Little Brushes Rule  

PLUS we are introducing a Little Brush series that many of you will adore. They will have their own projects and facebook group that is for kids only. Which includes a Little Brush ATC swap with other Little Brushes. One of the things we are excited about with The little Brush projects they don't require a Big Brush to supervise or clean up. The videos will feature normal kid art supplies, teaching valuable art techniques. PLUS each video will encourage, inspire, and give clean up prompts!!! Crayons will be king and you will be amazed at what a little paper and color can do in a kids hands.  

little brush fireworks  copy.jpg

Here are some highlights that I think you will love. Depending on your level of donation, a brand new patron only group, a little brush level that includes an ATC swap just for your little brushes, a monthly coloring page, a new ATC swap system, a monthly Q&A in patron group, exclusive, patron only watercolor and acrylic painting video, and so on. 

Image result for coming soon clipart

            Image result for updates clipart  

Related image

Suggestions of things you would like to see are welcome! Send your comments/suggestions to We have lots of tickets submitted to the TAS Tech Team that are being developed for implementation.

We are so excited to bring the functions you are asking for!   

        gnotification gnomes .jpg Get Your Gnomifications on Live Events for Facebook, YouTube and (NEWLY) Instagram Live/IGTV 

Just text: "TheArtSherpa" to 33222

Videos, Color, Paint, and More! 


Until Next time:

"Happy Painting everyone! Keep cool, enjoy your journey, and share art whenever possible!
Be Good To yourselves. Be Good to each other, and I hope to see you at the easel real soon!"

-The Art Sherpa 

The Art Sherpa Special Announcement Newsletter   Publish date: May 2019  
Cinnamon & John Cooney, Owners   
Colleen Siegel, Contributor /Editor  

1-833-PAINT-88  https ://

#ClutterQuest 2019

By TheArtSherpa, 2019-01-07
#ClutterQuest 2019

# clutterquest   Cleaning Quest All Week want to join me??!!

dolphin gif.gif

So one of the biggest challenges for me is Mess and clutter. When I am in clutter it slows me down, makes it harder for me to think and I can't get things done. The studio and I are going to tangle today and when I am done not only will I find that missing bag of zinc white paint. BUT I will be unblocked from my Creative process. Group mini quest for you this week is to look at your art space this week and straighten  up, re-organize to improve your flow, do anything that unblocks your creative process and makes your creative space the sancuary for inspiration is should be. 2019 is the year where I make my space a retreat for creativity and get the rest of the glam studio awesome done. Share pictures of your triumph over clutter all week. #clutterquest Need help to find your way through.  Marie Kondo !! My friend the Frugal Crafter swears she us the BEST!!! Check out the new show on Netflix

Tidying up with Marie Kondo 


Life Book 2019

By Kimberley A. K. Mayberry, 2018-10-27


Hello everyone!

Fantastic news! Life Book 2019 is now open for registration! I'm so excited to be part of this amazing year long course. I can't wait to share my lessons with you! :)

I know many of you already know what Life Book is all about, so if yo u can't wait to sign up, make sure to click here to get your seat, Yay! See you there! :) PS. Be sure to use this coupon code to  get your 20% off early bird price !! (valid until end of December 2018): LOVEBOMB2019


To find out a bit more about Life book, click here:  Life Book 2019

Life Book, a celebration and honoring of YOU” is a year-long mixed media art class organized by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

Tam is joined by 32 incredible Artists,  C rafters and Healers  who are all gearing up to share their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks with YOU! Life Book continues its bigger and better format this year by including a variety of fantastic artists and wellness guides who will focus on additional personal development practices and other art disciplines, like art doll making, basket weaving and sacred bowl making! Themed around self-development and healing, you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! You will have a wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life! You will also be introduced to yoga, aromatherapy, mindfulness and other wellness exercises to help support your personal development journey more holistically.


Life Book   is all about making you and the world happier. Through creating art, we will be creating a deeper understanding of ourselves, and creating a connection with each other. It's all there, in one big affordable package! It has served thousands of people from all over the world over the past 7 years. It's been wildly popular!

I hope that many of you will join us on this fabulous journey (over  20,000+  people have joined Life Book since its inception, amazing!). Imagine a year of weekly art lessons, inspiration, encouragement and a safe group of like minded artsy people. and YOU all together making art, growing and developing your skills and soul; while being guided by some of the most talented artists and wellness experts out there!

And the best thing about it all is that you get 85+ offerings throughout the one year for ONLY £99GBP (approx $130 USD)! The course/ content is valued at well over $3000+ USD - so you'd join it for only a fraction of the price! Whaaaat? :)

I haven't fully developed my class idea yet, but I'm excited to be sharing how we can paint with wild colors to create EASY expressive paintings like I did with splashy Dog Days of Summer here.  It’s great to be brave and spread your wings. I also will be sharing a great bonus project. I hope to see you there!

splashy splashy dog .jpg

Pinners Conference Blog 2

By Kimberley A. K. Mayberry, 2018-10-27

heard the news2.jpg


I will be teaching at the upcoming Pinners Conference. On November 3 at 10am I will be teaching at the Mountain America Trade Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah and on November 9 at 3:30pm at Westworld of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Find out more by going to . There you can find out about the fabulous painting I’m teaching and about the amazing Art Sherpa art box filled with $200 worth of supplies for only $100 + all applicable sales tax!

pinners Boho Snowman watermarked .jpg

Pinners Conference

By Kimberley A. K. Mayberry, 2018-10-17


Have you ever wanted to paint with me in person? Do you like Pinterest? ME TOO! Have you heard about the Pinners Conference? I will be at the Pinners Conference in Utah on November 2-3 and in Arizona on November 9-10. During the event you get a chance to purchase our first art box kit. This is going to be so different for us but I am excited to see what you think. Everything that is included in the box and all the details about the event are included below.

The Pinners Kit Will Include:

This kit is over a $ 200 value for just a $ 100

All appropriate sales tax will be added to the purchase price.

This kit is ONLY available at the conference. NO EARLY SALES AVAILABLE!  

Professional Acrylic Paint Mixing Set By Artist's Loft™


Full sizes of

Titanium White

Yellow Medium Azo

Quinacridone Magenta

Phthalo Blue (green shade)

Phthalo Green (blue shade)

Carbon Black

The Art Sherpa Cats Tongue #8

Canvas Panel 9x12 Pack

Table Top Easel

The Art Sherpa Paint Water Cup

The Art Sherpa LED Fan

The Art Sherpa Apron

Laminated Step by Step print out with tips.

USB Flash Drive - With full video recording step by steps of the class plus bonus projects that use the same materials in the kit!

Classes will only be an hour in duration. This does not allow us to teach the full painting, but we will be doing a demo of the painting and you may follow along. The  USB Drive included in your kit has all the instructions to complete the class painting and bonus painting.  Also included in your kit is a step by step guide with instructions for completing the paintings from start to finish.  Please come early to the class so you have time to purchase your kit and set up before the class starts, if you would like to follow along with the demo.

Instructions for purchasing a ticket online"

1. When on a computer, purchase a ticket that entitles you to one or more classes. Once this is done, you will receive an email with a link to schedule classes.
2. Follow the link to schedule classes and for Utah, pre-register for the Boho Snowman Class on Saturday 10AM Room 1. There is no additional charge for this, it reserves a spot for you to attend.
3. Once you have pre-registered, go to look at your schedule / review schedule. 
4. You will see a link there to click on to Purchase the Kit. Click on the link!

Click here for Link to Pinners Utah Information

Utah - November 2-3, 2018

Mountain America Expo Center -  Fri 10am - 8pm & Sat 9am - 7pm

Paint with me on Saturday at 10 am (Demo)

Click here for Link to Pinners Arizona Information

Arizona - November 9-10, 2018

West World of Scottsdale -  Fri 10am - 8pm & Sat 9am - 7pm

Paint with me on Friday at 3:30 pm (Demo)

Affiliate Disclosure

By TheArtSherpa, 2018-08-01

Affiliate Disclosure

This Affiliate Disclosure is provided to fully disclose the relationship between this site, and product and service recommendations and the owners of products and services. I am required by the FTC to inform you that an affiliate relationship exists between The Art Sherpa and some of the products or services it reviews, recommends or promotes that have an associated link. Further I make brushes in Partnership with Silver Brush Limited. I benefit financially from this relationship 

The Art Sherpa  makes use of affiliate relationships with merchants for the purposes of monetization. This means that when you click on links to various merchants on this site, and make a purchase, a small commission is credited to the Art Sherpa . Affiliate relationships include, but are not limited to Amazon, Brutus Monroe. Kings Framing and art  and the Brush Guys. 

I also have relationships with Ampersand ,  Sennelier, Holbein and Golden Artist colors where paint and materials have been sent to me for free for  use on the show. I do use and like all these products but wanted you to know. 

All opinions expressed are my own and are not necessarily the views of the merchants I am affiliated with. I choose to recommend only products or services that I have used or thoroughly researched. My brushes have been either hand selected  by me  or directly created by me in partnership with silver Brush Limited.  

If you have any questions about any affiliate links or relationships on this site, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to assist.

" When it rains – look for the rainbows – when it’s dark, look for the stars. "

City Lights at night .jpg

I adore this humble yet mindful  little quote. Looking on the bright side of things is about finding the resilience to see the possibilities when others see the worst.  The opportunities in situations others find soul crushing. That is why I have been painting Umbrella girls. They became my symbol of hope when all was hope had been lost.

When all Hope is Lost 

3 in one study .jpg

My husband had nearly died, we lost everything we had worked so hard for, and even found ourselves with a newborn having to exit under the worst possible circumstances.  WE had to sell everything we owned. My art studio, Johns tools, A bunch of our art, and even many of the larger kids toys then would not fit in the trailer we could afford too rent. I remember this lady who was hired to help us sell our things letting her kids drive around in my son and daughters Barbie cars that their grandmother had gotten them one particularly magical Christmas two years before. Play all over the castle my mom and I had handpainted for my eldest. Screaming its MINE No its MINE while I tried to hide my tears and keep my kids from seeing their toys vanish. We had worked hard, been good kind  people and we had lost. I had though we had past that stage where a series of events could level us. But as many of you know it can happen to anyone. I left with my photo's, the documents and the family heirlooms we had been entrusted with. I had my husband thankfully still alive but still very ill  and depressed.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller


So  I ended up driving the 4,090.6 km to Houston  , nursing my two month old, all the way back to Texas.  I am the girl who never gave up. Who rode a 12 hand high pony to national recognition against full grown horses and adults. I am NOT giving up on this road. I plotted a course and made us get the geocaching stuff out. We looked at all the tourist stops, cached all kinds of adventures and found our way back to Texas almost like my family. Almost like myself.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my Angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln


BUT I have no paint !!! I have no canvases and really I am heart broken. But I am not willing to give up.I don’t even know why I was so determined. But I expect it’s those things that keep mothers going. My husband and my kids and needing to show them that things were going to be OK. I honestly was it a time in my life I didn’t know If I would ever paint again. Was I ready to start over.?! But as I got back into the swing of things at the request of my mother. Many of you know how she got me into painting parties as a way to get me out of the house. I started bringing the paint home and the canvas’s home. And just like it’s always been my art was there for me to see me through my hardest times. There were owls and sunflowers by van Gogh.

I can't just make a song people can dance in a club to... it still has to be real.

Mary J. Blige


And I managed to get a 30 x 40 canvas that was gifted to me so that I could sell a painting. I mean that’s what I know....Art.  So I just took all that feeling and hurt and fear and I matched it up with my results and determination to see a better future. And I painted my first girl in the rain. And we hung it on the wall. People LOVED her.  Two very important things happened I realized I could not sell her and I realized we needed to have a lesson on it. So I did an umbrella girl tight skirt good figure to tone streaky background for the rain. And not to be funny but she made a splash . See because she came from something real,  something authentic , honest , and true it’s spoke to people who saw her!

Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.

John Updike



Because they been through the rain to and they wanted to see rainbows and they wanted to see stars. As you know since this is become a huge trend and I’m really honored to of been a small part of creating it. Back in 2011 and 2012 there would have been no way to know that owls and Umbrella Girls would be so huge.


 The way that owls and girls in the rain came from such a real place in me it’s how we should be as artists. But for me that first painting was the seminal moment when I remembered who I was. By now I have a collection of girls in the rain. Lessons and designs. My original girl ended up being gifted to woman I met name Sharron. She had survived a terrible assault and being set on fire as a young woman. She had seen her son murdered in front of her. Yet she was one of the strongest most hopeful people I ever met. And when she would look at that paining she would say that’s me. That’s how I got through. And I knew the paining had to be hers. I want her to have that in her life. And that’s how artists Are We generally see more than the money  or the likes and follows. Because they’re real stories behind our art. What I paint is true for me even when it seems like a  simple trend.  


There is this lesson in the rain and in the dark. You have to make a decision about who you are in relationship to these things. Was I the perspective of  possibility?  When people paint my girls in the rain I’m hoping that some of what I got out of that journey, some of what it took me to survive and see through and find my positive future gets into them. Everything I do is so much more than my YouTube channel or my Instagram account or my Facebook. It’s real. The rain is real. But the umbrella is real to. This wasn’t just a streaky background I had put in a corridor of light to show the possible Future.


I think a lot about what happens to people that paint with me and the images I put in front of them in if I’m going to be leaving them stronger emotionally?  More than that to Tutorial to me  I guess it’s a lighthouse. All these paintings even after I’m gone will be in the world helping some other person  back to her personal power. Some family Back into health and Joy 

Lover in the Rain .jpg

I’ve learned some things about myself. I’m tougher than I knew. I can face the storm and everything that comes for me and I will find the rainbow at the end of it. But even more than that I want to help other people behind me find that path through their personal storm. So when you do one of my tutorials know this is more than painting. This is more than views or legs or social media. This is you and me having a conversation about how strong you can be. About that you can get through your personal storm and find your rainbow at the end of it. I want to thank everyone of you for your time and your courage.

Quick Common Surface Aspect Ratios

By StuntHands, 2018-07-01

Hey Sherpetts!

Here is a quick table to cross reference aspect ratio to make it easier when you want to scale up your work. Aspect Ratio refers to the size ratio of the top to the side in 'parts'. So in 3:4 Aspect, it is 3 top parts to 4 side parts or 3" by 4". For more information check out ASPECT RATIOS on WIKIPEDIA

-Stunt Hands

ASPECT Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Size 7
3:4 3"x4" 6"x8" 9"x12" 12"x16" 18"X24" 30"X40" 36"x48"
4:5 8"x10" 16"X20" 24"X30"
6:5 10"X12" 20"X24"
7:5 5"x7" 10"X14" 20"X28"
11:14 11"x14" 22"x24"
1:1 6"X6" 12"X12"
1:2 6"X12" 8"X16" 12"X24"
7:9 7"X9" 14"X18" 21"X27" 28"X36"
2:3 2"X3" 6"X9" 12"X18" 16"X24" 20"X30" 24"X36"

The Art Sherpa Brush 200K Subscriber Giveaway sponsored by Silver Brush Limited

TAS170930.01 - Wild Woman with Trees.jpg



Starts : September 30, 2017    

Ends : October 13, 2017


Entries need to be through the above link . This is how we can track your entries and reach you if you win

Comment under this Blog posting but through our entry form so we know you did :)

3 Winners will be chosen

Prize: The Art Sherpa Contest Prize Pack Valued at $79.35 USD.

Winners announced on the 14th at the LIVE SHOW on The Art Sherpa’s YouTube channel.

The announced winners will be contacted after the live show on the 14th via the email they used on, they will have 72 hours to respond to the email before another winner will be chosen.

Why are you having a contest?

Our Friends at Silver Brush Limited said they wanted to help us celebrate having 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Sherpa said “OMG YES QUEEN, Can we give away brushes?”, Silver Brush Limited said, “How about 3 special brush packs, AND we will ship Globally!”... and that's how they came to be our sponsors for this giveaway.

So what do we win?

Enter here through here


You will be given several options 

Each The Art Sherpa contest prize pack contains:

 #8 cloud, #4 Fan, #10 Bright (Goldie locks), #4 casts tongue (not a filbert), #1 round detail

Normally you’d only be able to get these brushes via open stock. Silver Brush Limited put together this special contest prize pack, how awesome is that!?!



3 WINNERS!?!?!?!

YES! 3 winners!!!!

On October 14th we will have a special Live show just to announce the Winners!!

  After the show the winners will be contacted via the email they use to sign in to TheArtSherpa website.

  Winners will have 72 hours to respond to the email. If they fail to do so a new winner will be chosen, and contacted via email.

 / 4