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Don't Let round Canvas make you feel spun

By TheArtSherpa, 2020-08-08

So these round canvases are weird right? Can I get these? I only have a regular Canvas. Can I frame them. Why am I using them? These are very good questions and very good points.

  1. Round canvases are strange but a lot of fun and believe it or not have a long history in art with a peak of popularity around the Victorian era.

  2. Believe It or Not round canvases are available in a variety of surfaces and sizes. Not to mention there are two really economical ways to use a round canvas their economy packs and you can prime wood rounds.

  3. If you only have a regular canvas a round design is easier to place on it even if dimensions are very different. Simply draw a circle centered in your canvas painting images shown and hang on the wall. It's actually very cool look!

  4. There are tons of frames for round canvases and they're totally making a comeback. There are even Bubble Glass Companies now to give it that cool Victorian look.

  5. Right now I need to be sitting while I'm painting So my objects need to be on a flat surface and round canvases give me an opportunity to paint larger even though I'm confined in this way

round grapghic .jpg

Naples Yellow HUE WTW is up with that Color

For Acrylic April

I use the same brushes, canvas size and colors every year.

Acrylic April Graphic materials 2020.jpg

The color that is hard for most people to find is Naples Yellow light sometimes Called Titanate Yellow or Even Nickel Titanate Yellow 

That can be frustrating for the new artist. What you may not know is outside of the voluntary ATSM there are no standards in art materials. 

So on a tube of paint there are bit of info. Color info , safety info and lightfast info. Reading the tube is important but when you are new its hard.


Nickel Titanium Yellow ( PY 53 ) is opaque and has a low tinting strength. Because  it's not overpowering, it can be controlled easily.


Titanate serves as a substitute for lemon yellow which is the traditional cool yellow

Some companies make a hue that is Very close they call Naples yellow light- That is what I am using in my Sennelier paint- Naples Yellow light. 


This is the green Bias Yellow

By far this is my absolute favorite cool yellow. There are other cool yellows that you're going to be able to use if for some reason this is hard to find. However, if you can find it, it is one of my favorite colors in my personal paint box.

But here's the problem. The problem is the name on this package of paint. There are two colors, very different from each other, that the art world likes to call Naples Yellow. One is a light yellow green, and is in fact Nickel Titanate Yellow. I went out and found every acrylic paint company that carries the correct green yellow, regardless of what they named it.

The other companies make the orange yellow that they consider to be Naples.

The one on the LEFT is correct. The one on the Right is not a cool yellow.


You can Substitute ANY of these Cool (green) Bias Yellows , Pick one -

  • Hansa Yellow light
  • Cadmium Yellow Light
  • Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Bismuth Vanadate
  • Yellow Azo Light
  • Benzimidazolone Yellow Light
Below are a list of paint companies that carry this exact color or a suitable Hue . This is the hardest color to find, so feel free to use a substitute with what you have from the colors listed below these paints:

naples yellow light graphic .jpg

  • Arcylique by Sennelier Called Naples Yellow Light
  • Holbein Acrylic Called Naples Yellow 
  • Abstract acrylic paint by Sennelier Naples yellow light
  • Amsterdam Acrylic paint made by Royal Talens
  • Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylic 
  • Matisse Structure Acrylic - titanate yellow 
  • (also called Naples Yellow light  in this line of paint)
  • DALER ROWNEY : CRYLA ACRYLIC PAINT- nickle titanate yellow 
  • Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics- Titanate Yellow
  • Pébéo Studio Fine Acrylic Naples Yellow Hue 100 ml
  • Cranfield Acrylics- Primrose Yellow is like  Py53
  • AV Vallejo Acrylic -Titanium Yellow IS like  py53
  • P1200479small.jpg
  • PY5320Comparisons.jpg
Tip by Kathy Alexander ‎ : For those using American Paint (DecoArt). I found if you mix 2 parts Butter to 1 part Moon Yellow you can achieve something similar to PY 53 Titanate Yellow



NEED more info about the YELLOW ??  

HERE are some more yellow names that may be the color SEE why it gets to be so complicated for teachers to relay what color you are looking for.

PY53 is a strange special color 


Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow Rutile

Antimony Nickel Titanium Oxide Yellow;

C.I. Pigment Yellow 53;

Juane Citron;

Lemon Yellow [EP.p |   w . wp .];

Lemon Yellow Hue [ WN . o ];

Lemon Yellow (Nickel Titanate} [ WN . w . w ];

Meteor® Bright Yellow 8320;

Naples Yellow (hue) [ LA .a |   MA.p ];

Naples yellow Light (hue) [ KA . o ];

Naples Yellow Light (imitation) [ KA . o . p ];

Nickel Antimony Titanate;

Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow Rutile;

Nickel Rutile Yellow;

Nickel Titanate;

Nickel Titanate Yellow [GEN | DR . w   |   DS .a d . o . w   |   DV . w   |   GR . wo   |   GU.pd   |   MA . o . o(artis) . p . w   |   RT . a ];

Nickel Titanium [   OH . a . o . w   ];

Nickel Titanium Oxide;

Nickel Titanium Yellow [KP.p |   OH . a . o . w   | SI.p |   WN d ];

Nickel Yellow [GEN |   BX.o   |   CAS.k   |   KA . o . p   |   SE . o . p   |   WL . o . p ];

Nickle Yellow Titanium [ SCH . p ];

Nickel Yellow Titanium Rutile;

Pigment Yellow 53;

Praseodym Titanium Yellow;

Shepherd Yellow;

Sunflower Yellow;

Titanate Yellow [ GO . a . af . ag ];

Titanium Nickel Yellow [ MA .o(artis). p ];

Titanium Yellow [ GO .a | RGH.o.p |   SCH . w ];

Vasari Yellow [ MA.o(Ren) ];

Vesuvius Yellow [ MA.o(Med) ];

Acrylic April 2020

By TheArtSherpa, 2020-03-25
Acrylic April 2020

Acrylic April Painting Challenge begins April 1st 2020- no joke 

30 Days, 30 Powerful Little Paintings

We hope that Every April, artists from all over the world take on the Acrylic all April painting challenge by doing one small acrylic painting every day for the entire month.

I am creating the #AcrylicApril challenge as a way to introduce painters to the gifts of daily painting with Acrylic.This monthly challenge will help every acrylic artist unlock the true potential of the acrylic medium and their art own voice.

Anyone can do Acrylic April,

Just grab your paint, your brush and hit the studio( even if it’s your kitchen Table).

#AcrylicApril rules:

1) Make a painting on a surface  12x12 or smaller. ( sorry for the confusion)

2) Share it online

3) Hashtag it with #AcrylicApril and #AcrylicApril2020 #ItsNoJokeAcrylicApril and be sure to add the day of the challenge, or word prompt, etc

4) Repeat Daily from April 1 ( no fooling) to April 30th

How to do the Challenge 

Do your best to paint daily. Some Days may be artwork you are excited about some days you may scribble out an abstract but under no circumstances should your be hard on yourself. If you make 30 little paintings you are a winner. If you make less than 30 you are a winner. Do your best 

Acrylic april 2020 rules .jpg

Wait there are daily tutorials not just prompts ?? THAT'S right!!! This is an Art Sherpa painting challenge so it’s extra awesome.. This challenge comes with a daily live video lesson you can follow along with. So you can use the prompts, follow the lesson, or do your own thing. Either way you are going to succeed. This is going to change your art world. I will be teaching my lessons on an 8x8 art panel. That's it! Now go make something beautiful. Yes Youtubers can join in. Yes Bloggers can join in Yes Homeschool moms can join in Anyone from Anywhere in the world no matter who you are or how much painting experience you have can Join in. You are invited to paint along!! How much does it cost -IT'S FREE ( so you can buy more art supplies )

word prompt graphic .jpg

Acrylic April Graphic materials 2020.jpg

What Should YOU do first ? 

Blank color chart 2020 Acrylic April .jpg

Videos will air 12 pm CST on Youtube and 6 pm CST 

april 2020 calander .jpg

The first Video is here 

<img src="" alt="worksheet acrylic april #1.jpg" title="worksheet acrylic april #1.jpg" border="0" style="normalmargin: 0px;">

<img src="" alt="Acrylic April grid #1.jpg" title="Acrylic April grid #1.jpg" border="0" style="normalmargin: 0px;">

The Big End of the YEAR Newsletter

By TheArtSherpa, 2020-01-01
The Big End of the YEAR Newsletter

The Art Sherpa.png IMG_6047.jpg

A note from the Art Sherpa :

IF you only read one Newsletter all year THIS is the one you should read all the way through!

IMG_5309.jpg Greetings: Happy New Year to all my Fabulous SherpaZiods SherpaNista's. Myself, and the whole Art Sherpa team hope that your New Year brings you peace, joy, blessings abounding, and lots of creative inspiration, ideas and the completion of many new projects. We wish for you that this is your Year To Shine!

Enjoy my Rewind and Jump ahead Newsletter! This is a GREAT way to make sure you missed nothing and are prepped for the 2020 Arting yet to come. New paintings, books and our First Art Retreat where you can paint with me! Brushes UP!

Like a painting?? Click It to go to the Playlist or Video link for it!! You are a Click away!

newsletter 34.jpg boho snowman SBS final .jpg

Here is a look at some of our past events and projects .

The year of Cute Kids in art !!


Most Popular Picture Community Vote

lavender Study .jpg

Best of the Year

Other top picks

ship in a bottle .jpg 50445743_10217888214862858_751419552230801408_n.jpg 4098244521846135138_IMG_2418.jpg IMG_0573.jpg

Acrylic April

This was the first year for Acrylic April. Painting daily is the #1 thing an artist can do to improve their painting! skills! The idea we would meet live every day and paint together for a little under an hour for the month of April certainly caught fire. This is a wild event in that we had both word prompts AND full lessons. As far as I know it this was the first daily painting program targeted at beginners. You can find all the videos in order And here is the website with rules

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.44.01 AM.png Screen Shot 20190501 at 11.44.16 AM.png Screen Shot 20190501 at 11.44.31 AM.png

acrylic april 4.png

The facebook page :

The website:

The group :

Acrylic April Testimonials

  • Lydia Duncan-Mabry : That I truly can do grandmother was an artist and I never really tried thinking I wasn't going to be any good. Now I know I can and I am learning more every day.

  • Kelly Malouf: ACRYLIC APRIL SHOWED ME quite a lot of things. I can make time to paint every day. I can do paintings I never thought I could. I can commit to doing something that makes me happy and that is OK. All paintings have an ugly phase--but now I know how to get myself out of it ;). I didn't think I'd see improvement, but I did and by completing the 30 day challenge I became proud of myself--such a great feeling.

  • Lisa Swain Stickability: is 95% of ability!

  • Catherine Socha Rathbun :... never to look at a painting thinking, “I can’t possibly paint THAT yet.”

  • Nancy Beeles Lewis: My life time dream at 80 could come true and I am now an artist.

  • Peggy Ducolon Smith: April Acrylics 2019 showed me that practicing every day will improve my techniques even when I thought I had learned it well already and that everyday can and is a learning experience of some kind (just because I did not like the painting I still learned something that I NEEDED TO LEARN

  • Keff Green: You have time if you make time. I worked full time and still got my painting done and enjoyed it to the max!

  • Darbe Lopez: Acrylic April taught me how important it is that other household members support my "me" time

13 days of Halloween

Every year we meet up to do 13 Halloween paintings. This is so much fun and at this point we have more than 30 total Days of Halloween tutorials. In fact we created a Challenge for anyone that painted all 31 days they would get a free month of Patronage on the website.

P1010023.jpg Glamwitch.jpg pumpkin man Gourd Time .jpg heyeball .jpg
Magical Cat .jpg without girls pumpkin escape .jpg IMG_0545.jpg IMG_0517.jpg
Baby From Supernatural .jpg #6 scarecrow .jpg red into the woods .jpeg IMG_0557.jpg

halloween tree .jpeg

We started doing Big Paintings!! 24x36 by using two black Canvases

pumpkin Still life .jpg christmas Floral .jpg

Spring and Summer ones are On the way !!

WE had some Awesome Winter paintings you guys LOVED


Step by Steps appeared !!

We introduced Step by steps as an extra way to help you find your way through an art project easily! These are one of my favorite parts of the new year.

horizontal and Verticle Step by Step snow on pines .jpg horizontal and Verticle Step by StepCliff side home .jpg

Things people have said about the step by steps

  • Christy Mansfield-bartholomew : These are very helpful and a great go to reference. Your so amazing Cinnamon! You go far above and beyond to help us all learn and have fun while painting, out of the kindness of your heart. I just want to say, even on the darkest of days, watching your videos makes my days brighter. Thank you for all You do
  • Amber Guillet : These help a Ton..thank you. I.did this painting yesterday shortly after the live..Love it and the color can't wait to do some more with the different clouds.
  • Tracy Clapsaddle : I find this so helpful. I try and screen shot the painting to check mine frequently. Sometimes it's difficult to get a good shot. You are amazing. 🎨


coming in 2020b.jpg

2020 meme .jpg

Here is a look at what we have coming up for you in the New Year.

Classes starting in 2020:

magic mountian .jpg IMG_6047.jpg IMG_0197.jpg

Books : Coming soon

Labs Manual -

The Art Sherpa's guide to starting your own painting party business


The Art Sherpa ~The Not too Adult, Grown-Up Coloring Book -

co created in collaboration with Stephanie Bergeron

54230695_279099866360506_3065778081433124864_n.jpg 54353508_400561904094782_4497929742258798592_n.jpg

Coming later in 2020

The Big Art Quest

The Pears are coming back!! Bigger and better than EVER!


The Sherpanista Cookbook - Written in Collaboration with you.

We still have room for your to submit your Favorite Artful Recipes to be a contributor in the Community Cookbook. Go to the link here to be a part of our community created cookbook.



The First Art Sherpa Retreat:

Come Join me for 5 days and 4 nights of Art Adventure

We will be enjoying the best of on-location painting, as well as art workshops. Each day will be full of Art Sherpa guided adventures. Each part will be fully supported so you won’t need to already know how to do any of the activities. I will share my three favorite mediums with you, and guide you into the world of art

(in person and not onscreen).

Plein Air destination painting and private closed art sessions will fill the days. Relaxation and social activities will fill the evenings.

Even the meals will be a work of art!

sherpa retreat.jpg

Lifebook 2020:


I have been busy like a Sherpa getting ready for Lifebook 2020. You might wonder why I keep doing Lifebook?

Sign up HERE

use the code LOVEBOMB2020 for 20% off before December 31


I like doing Life-book because it allows for so much growth and well-being with any students. As a teacher, I'm excited about anything that will help you reach your personal art goals. This is one of the only programs that I will participate in and recommend. I do that because I truly believe it's wonderful on every level. First, I enjoy how positive the program is and how focused on individual grow it is. Secondly, the teachers are the best collected together I have seen if your goals are healing, self-awareness, and artistic growth. Last, but not least, the cost of the course outside of materials is very good compared to other programs like this that I don't feel are as richly thought out, driven by a sheer love of sharing creativity, and well-being.

They have a lot of Teachers


Screen Shot 20191026 at 4.05.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 20191026 at 4.10.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 20191026 at 4.12.09 PM.png

As you may be aware with 30 teachers and 80 lessons there's a lot here to the course. You will be exposed to so much in different styles and thoughts in art. Each teacher brings something very special to the year. Yes, there are many faces. But that's just the surface of what I've seen. I've seen dream catchers, sculpture, rock art, and much much more. In fact as a teacher, I am a bit of an odd duck in the group BUT, when am I not? This will be the third series that I have done with Tamra Laporte. I love the work that she does both spiritually, musically and artistically. I think she curates valuable programs for her students .



In patron group Watercolor !!

Patrons of the Art Sherpa

We have lots of Projects for you!!

patron ship web.jpeg IMG_0190.jpg
IMG_0850.jpg Moon Dream Journey copy.png

ATTENTION PAYPAL USERS: It has come to our attention that some of our members may still be donating under the old patron system. We would like to ask you, if you could, to switch your donation to the new patron system. But if you cannot, because you need to be donating through PayPal, please write and let us know what your donation amount is so we can match you to the right patron level manually. Also, if you want to donate through PayPal because it is your only option, until we can get through the hoops that PayPal wants us to get through, please use the following link to set up your 'recurring' donation. Then please also write to support and let us know which level you are donating at so we can manually get you into the corresponding patron level on the website. We hope this helps those of you who want to donate but can't any other way than PayPal. We do ask if you can though to donate through the website.

A note From The Sherpa:

Hey guys thank you so much for all the support. The Patronage has really let me explore some my wilder idea's. Things I could never put on YouTube. I love our group so much. From our wild behind the scenes chats, strange long in group live streams and even to painting projects I have been itching to do. Like this Patron group only pastel. OHH she was fun

girl on fire .jpg

Read the Blog for Art sherpa Tips and Videos

New Years Resolutions for Artists

new years .jpg

What you guys had to say !!

  • Joanne LaMar : To paint at least every month. To learn how to sell my paintings instead of just giving them to people who want them and to try new techniques in my paintings. Be bold.
  • Roseann Amaranto : Accept my artistic style for what it is. I’m more of a whimsical illustrative painter/artist even though I have an art degree and taught for 25 years. It’s what makes me happiest 🌹 💕
  • Tammy Racicot :To keep evolving into the artistic butterfly I've become. (never in my lifetime did I think I could achieve so much personal growth on so many levels from the most loving person/people who wanted me to succeed. When I never thought I could)
  • Renee Sanders : My artist New Years resolutions are to paint one painting of something I love every month, participate in Acrylic April and paint something new daily (only April) and paint enough wood circle ornaments to sell at the grandkids secret santa workshop. I am going to make myself a priory. I have put myself and my ambitions on the back burner for 2 years to raise my grandchildren, although they are still with me I am going to find some time for myself
  • tanya mARTin: Draw and paint everyday. Trust myself enough to venture away from tutorials/art hacks and find my own style. Continue to improve on what i have learned and step out of my comfort zone. Try new mediums and see what they have to offer.
  • Caren Kaziyev: To challenge myself and not stick with familiar techniques. In 2020 I challenge myself to try new things and be okay with my attempts not looking “perfect”. Just to keep at it.
  • Pamela Tilley Fisk : To stop judging myself against others. See my own colors.
  • Kim Nedland : To try and paint, and draw, even if my depression, makes me feel like can't do anything at all.
  • Brandy Orner : Just paint. Stop agonizing over planning, research and details and JUST PAINT!!!
  • Bryon Rice To paint more of how I feel, even if it's not that others can feel the music I composed, which is the paint and the brush my instrument.
  • Stacey Wright : to organize all my supplies so I can start using them everyday!! And then start drawing/painting more often at least 3 times a week.. Hard when you have 2 little girls 4 and 7! Also my 7yr old is an amazing artist already and want to work and teach her more so I need to learn more and practice more to teach her skills i wish i was taught at a young age!! So hoping to do alot this year with her
  • thetolleycrew : My resolutions are to get out of my comfort zone, and paint loose. Not worry about every little detail. To find my own style.
  • luanajarecki : To enjoy life as it handed to me. Find humor in every aspect. Release my creative juices and make any art I can. At 71 I plan to do much more.

Image result for don't forget clipart

Don't forget about our Awesome Retreat Channel. Where we house our Stress Free Zen painting experience with relaxing music and Sherpa paintings. It is the place to be to tuck away your cares and relax and let go of all your stresses and anxiety. Bookmark, subscribe and visit our Retreat Channel and see our full playlist here:


The live site will be back up and running soon. The live site is an interactive continuous loop of of live music and video where you can chat with others. Keep an eye out for updates when we have it up .

And we will always strive to add more as time time allows.

We know that YouTube is making big changes. What those are and how they will affect us we don't know. To that end, we are doing one to two Live streams weekly on Facebook. We then move the popular streams to YouTube as a premier a few weeks later. We have a Watch page, and if you are signed up for Text Notifications you can catch these amazing gems as they happen!

. featured banner facebook group latest .jpg

Related image

Suggestions of things you would like to see are welcome! Send your comments/suggestions to We have lots of tickets submitted to the TAS Tech Team that are being developed for implementation.

We are so excited to bring the functions you are asking for!

how to text .jpg

NEVER miss a LIVE stream again!! Get Your Gnomifications on Live Events for Facebook, YouTube, and any thing new we cook up!

Just text: "TheArtSherpa" to 33222

Videos, Color, Paint, and More!

Until Next time:

"Happy Painting everyone! Keep cool, enjoy your journey, and share art whenever possible!
Be Good To yourselves. Be Good to each other, and I hope to see you at the easel real soon!"

-The Art Sherpa

The Art Sherpa Special Announcement Newsletter Publish date: September 2019
Cinnamon & John Cooney, Owners
Colleen Siegel, Contributor /Editor
1-833-PAINT-88 https ://

The complete list of Acrylic paint Makers and Brands


All these above the Line I personally use and like 

*Holbein Acrylic

*Golden Artist Colors

*Sennelier Acrylic Abstract(student) AND Acrylique*Abstract Acrylic Paint by Sennelier

abstract1.jpg ArtistsQualityAcrylicSennelier_A553R600.jpg
*M. Graham Artists' Acrylics
*Utrecht Artist Acrylic Colors
*Matisse Derivan Acrylic
Artist loft levels 1,2,*3 ( I endorse the level 3 of this line)
artist loft 3 .jpg
Royal Talens
*Amsterdam Acrylic paint made by Royal Talens
*Americana Premium Acrylic Paint ( of the craft paint lines ) CraftersAcylics Gold Caps does try to address mixability and pigments colors as well.
Everything Above this line I use and really like 
**********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Paints Below this line are either paints I have not used or tried. They may be wonderful. Leave a comment and tell me your experience 
They may also be paints I personally dont like. 
Liquitex and Liquitex basics
Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylic
DALER ROWNEY Acrylic paint ( makes Several lines )
Soho Urban Acrylic paint
Chroma Atelier Interactive
Creative Mark
Monte Marte
Vallejo Acrylic
TriArt Acrylic
Lefranc Bourgeois Fine Acrylic
Maimeri Brera Artist Acrylics
Charvin acrylic paint
Camel Camlin Acrylic
Masters Touch
Craft Smarter
Reeves heavy body acrylic
Plaid Folk Art
Nova Color.
Art Scape Acrylic paint True Flow Heavy Body paint
Jo Sonja’s artist acrylics
Kroma Artist Acrylics
Wyland Ecological Acrylics Mediums and Accessories
Susan Scheewe Acrylics and Accessories
Schmincke Acrylic
Dr. Ph. Martin's Acrylics
Lascaux Acrylics and Mediums
Envirotex Lite Acrylic Coating
Da Vinci Fluid Acrylics and Sets
Marie's Acrylic Colour Set
Jerry's Studio Acrylic Turner
Acryl Gouache and Mediums
Creative Inspirations Acrylics, Mediums and
Ara acrylics
C Roberson and Co acrylic
Daniel Smith
Fleur Acrylic paint
Unicorn Spit
Sargent Art Acrylic Paint Set
Createx Acrylics
Crayola Portfolio Series Acrylics
Blickrylic Student Acrylics
Faber and Castell acrylic
Derwent Academy Acrylic Paints

How to Paint Hocus Pocus For Halloween

By TheArtSherpa, 2019-09-15

If you Love the Sanderson Sisters and wanted to get your " Amok Amok Amok " on one of these acrylic  versions of the Tale Might be Just the trick. (note this is fan art) While the painting is mine The Hocus Pocus Characters that inspired this piece are not.So lets Call these three The Cosplayers of Hocus Pocus -

In the Beginning I created this design 

It has been wildly popular. But them I wanted to make some New ideas too this the Meeting of the Halloween Board . The Moon is Cosplaying Jack the Pumpkin King and the 3 sisters are Cosplaying the Sanderson Sisters. All costumes were  handmade because you know they are makers. 

final image .jpg

Need a little help -the video or This Handy Dandy Step by step 

Hocus Pocus blank .jpg

How easy is That to paint?? 

Need something even more simplified ?

Hocus Pocus Easy copy.jpg

hocus pocus Easy step by step .jpg

It is recommended when doing fan art that you create and paint for learning and enjoyment. 

Hocus Pocus 2019 .jpg

The Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap

By TheArtSherpa, 2019-09-12
The Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap


The Art Sherpa's #1 recommendation to end

“brush brutality” 

Clean Your Brushes!

lavander soap  (1200px, 25fps).gif

Your paint brushes are an expensive investment that you will want to know how to protect and keep for years. This might surprise you to know that the future of each brush is sealed at the sink after each painting session. That  leftover paint MUST ALL come out. The acrylic polymer emulsion and pigments get pushed into your bristles and the ferrules. When you have dried paint hiding in the ferrule, it can build up until it “blows out” the shape of your brush, causing splitting and stray hairs.  This will give you a great cloud or scumble brush, but will ruin your favorite brushes shape and edge. 

Cinnamon How Do I Clean My Brushes?

This is a great question

soap 4.jpg

The Art Sherpa™ spent years finding the most powerful, natural ingredients, to remove that brush destroying paint. She consulted:

  • acrylic paint makers and chemists
  •  off the grid super mom bloggers
  • specialty oil importers
  • brush makers
  • natural soap makers all over the globe. 

She  searched high and low for the ingredients that would make a nontoxic, human friendly brush soap. Your Art Sherpa was looking for very specific results. She knew those Taklon filaments and blends needed a special TLC. If your brush is a magic wand then this soap is the fountain of youth you need. Cinnamon Cooney called this quest for a soap “The Journey to a Better Bubble.”  The Art Sherpa Brush Soap is here and is unlike anything you have ever tried.

  • The magic suds. 
  • The bubble blaster. 
  • The Art Sherpa Brush Spa.

The Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap has been created for the cleaning of acrylic paint out of synthetic brushes. BUT can I use this  on oil or watercolor brushes? YES it works for them too. In fact this amazing soap may just become  your favorite for you delicate hair and bristle brushes. 

soap 6.jpg

How you clean your brush is just as important as what you clean it with

Art Sherpa Spa Brush Cleaning Instructions

Materials- Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap - paper towels - Container of swishing water- Cup of hot water (not hot enough to burn your fingers)-

  • Place cleaning supplies by the sink and lay your drying towels out next to the sink’ 
  • Remove excess thick paint that is on your brush (if you have any)  on a disposable towel. 
  • Vigorously Swish the brush in a container of water. 
  • Wet Brush in warm running water and rub across the soap. Build up the suds as you use the directional stroke method. Do this Firmly, but gently. Don’t scrub or bend the filaments of the brush .
  • Take fingers and work the soap gently through the brush 
  • Rinse and Repeat step 4 
  • Now take your clean brush and stroke firmly but gently dragging across a dry white paper towel. If you see any color, go to step 8, if not go to step 9. 
  • Run warmer water over the brush, rewetting it,  go over the surface of your soap using the soft circle method. If you are using the power scrub tub with loofah, be extra careful. 
  • Take your cup of very hot, but safe for fingers, water and dip brush in for 10-20 seconds. Finger shape your brush 
  • Lay brush flat on paper towel. Come back in and hour to check the brush ( if you see any color repeat the cleaning steps) 
  • Allow brushes to dry before placing in your brush cup. 


Things you need to know but may not about Brush care 

  • NEVER use solvents on synthetic filaments, it can melt the brush. 
  • DON’T use Acetone on your brush even for dry paint 
  • Don’t leave a brush sitting in water. 
  • Don’t dry a brush in any  vertical position, always lay flat. 
  • Rubbing alcohol removes dry paint and is brush safe. 
  • Certain pigments stain. Here are just a couple common ones:  phthalo blue and dioxazine purple. Staining is normal and does not hurt your brush. It is the  dry acrylic polymer emulsion that damages the brush 

  1. All hog bristle brushes must be washed before you paint with them to remove loose bristles. Small shedding of a Couple bristles is normal. A full hair storm is not. 
  2.  Never throw out ruined fluffy brushes. They make the best cloud, bush and special textures. They are a treasure. Keep lost brushes in their own jar. Give them fun new names like “ Sir Cloudinator” or “ Mr Magic Scumble” 


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Free event! Join me on The Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit!

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Not only is this Summit filled with inspiring interviews with amazing artists, but we each also

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For my free activity we'll do a flip the script of our personal narrative. Imagine taking a personality trait you don't love about yourself and finding a new more self loving way to view it.  You will be able to personalize this easy beginner step by step to improve how you feel about yourself.

Flip the Script, 

Sometimes the quirks of our nature we feel the worst about can be our greatest strengths. Often I hear people think that they are flawed in the areas and yet if you flip the script its the best parts of Them . Its all about the filter we see ourselves through. Trauma vs Nature. This exercise is about our nature not our trauma. Trauma can shape us like clay but the clay is our nature.  When we look at our personalities sometimes we will apologize for our natural traits. Choosing to see the positives about our whole authentic self can help us shape our own clay.  



  • Do you want to learn how to create more wellbeing in your life?
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