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couple in Love 

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Love birds 

February 2021  The Art of Unconditional Love

Issue #3

Table of contents 

  • January Pre-view Classes Feb 1-14
  • Abstract Paint review and HUGE Giveaway 
  • New Mini books !!
  • Aquarius Star Gnome and Gnomascope
  • Featured Artist Pearl Fryer  
  • Word Search 
  • Self care tips - Bath bombs
  • Store News
  • Cinnamons favorite  Etsy shops 
  • Niblette news what is gnew in the gnomedom  

Sherpa Schedule 1st-14th February

love tree .jpg click photo to view

Live on YouTube  2nd Feb
16 x 20 canvas

abstract paint .jpg click photo to view

Live on YouTube 4th Feb 
8x8 canvas

sunset Dock .jpg click photo to view

 Live on YouTube 6th Feb
16x20 canvas

the kiss .jpg click photo to view

 Live on YouTube 9th Feb
8x8 canvas

Beach .jpg click photo to view
 Live on YouTube 13th Feb
16x20 canvas

love gnome.jpg

 Love Gnome -viewable now
9x12 canvas

Class Times 

YouTube Acrylic lessons Live see above: Every Tuesday 5 pm EST and Saturday 1 pm EST 

We may have Bonus class releases on Thursday at 11 am EST** 

Facebook Watercolor Wednesday see below: Wednesdays 7 pm EST

thumbnail 2021 pacman frog .jpg click photo to view

Watercolor Wednesday

Facebook 3rd Feb

thumbnail 2021  cottage art core .jpg click photo to view

Watercolor Wednesday

Facebook 10th Feb

    Don't miss out on your favorite live classes 

    Let the notification Gnomes remind you

    Text TheArtSherpa to 33222 on your phone for text Notifications 

    how to text .jpg

    Watercolor Wednesday and you!!

    By TheArtSherpa, 2021-01-13
    Watercolor Wednesday and you!!

    belle in watercolor  copy.jpg

    Welcome to the wonderful world of watercolor. I'm so excited that you might be interested in taking up this medium with me. Just like I love teaching acrylic to beginners, I enjoy introducing beginner's to the Wonder and Magic that is watercolor.


    Watercolor Wednesday is a weekly evening class that's fully step by step to introduce new artists to the joys of watercolor. It's just like our livestream acrylic class on YouTube, but with Watercolor and on Facebook.  Classes are level friendly, fully step by step to introduce new artist to the joys of watercolor. Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums. I just love it. 


    What materials do you need ? 

    The following is your material list for Watercolor Wednesday.  Not all colors will be used for every class. Not all materials will be used every class. I do expect to use all colors and all of these materials during the 2021 class year.

      Below is a list of RECOMMENDED MATERIALS. 

    The Art Sherpa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.   

    Only one of each is needed.  3-4 links provided to help you find colors in stock. Please look around for sales deals and other brands 

    Brands of watercolor I love Sennelier L'Aquarelle   QOR By Golden  Daniel Smith  M Graham  Van Gogh 

    Watercolor Paint Color List 2021 




    Hansa Yellow Medium 

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle - Primary Yellow for this brand 

    Golden QOR - 

    Daniel Smith -

    M Graham -  

      Nickel Azo Yellow 

    Golden QOR -  

    Daniel Smith - 

    M Graham

     Quinacridone Magenta 

    Golden QOR - 

    Daniel Smith - 

    Holbein - 

     Pyrrole Red

    Golden QOR -  

    Daniel Smith - 

    Turner - 

    Holbein - 

     Transparent Pyrrole Orange 

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle - ( sennelier orange ) 

    Golden QOR -  

    Daniel Smith -  

    Turner -  

    Phthalo Blue

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle - 

    Golden QOR - 

    Daniel Smith - 

    M Graham -

    Ultramarine Blue

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle - 

    Golden QOR - 

    Daniel Smith - 

    M Graham

    Phthalo Green 

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle  

    Golden QOR 

    Daniel Smith - 

    Quinacridone Gold 

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle - 

    Golden QOR - my fav 

    Daniel Smith - 

     Opera Pink 

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle -


    Daniel Smith -

     Burnt Umber

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle - 

    Golden QOR -   

    Daniel Smith - 

    M Graham -

     Payne’s Grey 

    Sennelier L'Aquarelle 

    Golden QOR - 

    Daniel Smith - 

    We have temporarily removed links due to the fact that Amazon is changing the links out to 'other' products if something sells out or becomes unavailable. We are looking into this and hope to get a resolution soon. Thank you. 

    Color Mixing chart 


    Download your own here 

    (Click tiny link below to print out )

    [ jrEmbed module="jrFile" id="285" ]

    watercolor grid.jpg


    9x12 140lb 300 GSM Watercolor Paper Cold press in a Block pad

    What is a watercolor block? 

    A watercolor block is a pad of watercolor paper that’s bound on all sides with a coating of a rubber like material called padding compound.. You paint on the top sheet of paper and then remove it after it fully dries flat. To separate the painting from the block, insert a dull palette knife into the gap in the binding and run it around all four edges. A watercolor block helps prevent the warping of the paper when it is wet. 


    If you have a regular pad of paper you can tape all of edges of the sheet to the table with low take tape and then carefully peel them after the sheep its dry. 



    Recommended - 

    Fabriano Block

    Strathmore Block 

    Arches  Block 

    Strathmore Pad 



    Try to have a Round , A wash or Quill , A bright and a detail in your basic kit. You can get away with a round brush to start.  

    I will always share what I am using in the show. Brand I like are Soft Aqua by Raphael , Escoda and Black Velvet. 

    SoftAqua Quill  4

    SoftAqua Round  14

    SoftAqua Bright 

    Escoda Perla Series 1430 #12 

    Flat wash 1" 

    Detail round  

    VERY optional Brushes 

    Raphael Precision Mini Brush Travel Set of 6 

    Jazper Stardust Version of Escoda Reserva 1212 #8 - ( made by hand by request only) 


    Palettes for paint - 

    Porcelain Watercolor Palette  



    Cretacolor Water-Soluble Graphite Pencils  

    Fluid White Acrylic 

    T Square Ruler  

    Artist Tape  

    Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap Kits  

    The Pioneer Woman Turning table  

    Grafix WM2 White Mask Liquid Frisket 

    Rubber Cement picker upper 


    Paper Towels 

      BOOKS : 

    Color Mixing Bible :  

    How to Mix Skin color - 

    Victoria Finlay History of Color:

      Place to buy BRUSHES - 

    The Brush Guys:  

    Discount Code :  THEARTSHERPA

    Common questions 

    When is it ?

    Watercolor  is every 3 days 1 pm  Eastern Standard Time live streaming from my Facebook page.  

    How do I Join the class ? 

    Show up  1 pm EST ready to paint - Just watch from my Facebook page :   

    You can also find the the class on Youtube - 

    You can watch the streaming video class  from the page on your chosen device!  

    How much Does it cost ?

    Its Free 

    Is it hard ? 

    Like everything, it can be a little challenging in the beginning to learn how to do something new. However, watercolor is a very beginner friendly medium  and I find people can pick it up as quickly as they did acrylic, sometimes even easier.

    Can I use Acrylics ?

     You can use acrylics watered down to get some similar effects to watercolor. The paper is a good binder and prevents issues with watering down that you might normally see on canvas. There are a few differences. It's very easy to lift or reactivate watercolor.  Once acrylic is dry it's permanent.  Watercolor is very transparent and acrylic can be much more opaque.  Some techniques are different.  You can paint acrylic over watercolor. You can't paint watercolor over acrylic. I don't recommend using acrylic on fine watercolor brushes as it can build up in the ferrule and shorten the life of a brush.  Watercolor will not harm acrylic brushes in any way and you can use what you have until you're ready to buy special brushes just for watercolor. 

    Do I need to have your exact materials? 

     You can use what you have. If you have Crayola watercolors, start with those. I will talk about how to guess a close approximate color on the palette you have so you can paint along and still get a good result

    Can I view  your classes at a later time? 

    You can watch my classes after the video is done streaming both on the Facebook page and on our website

    What level of painter do I need to be ? 

    All levels of painter are welcome and no drawing is Required 

    The Hoot Guide 




    Paintings are all beginner friendly but rated in 3 levels of difficulty called Hoots

    What if you Bought our Covid Watercolor Art Kits? 


    If you purchased one of the watercolor sets that we had in our store during the initial lockdown. you may wonder what colors exchange well for the new 2021 art palette. You may also wonder if there's a difference between the tube watercolor and the half pan watercolor. In this blog I'm going to let you know what colors in your palette to use when I'm using the 2021 colors. I'm going to give you some resources to match the colors you have to the colors I'm using and just in general make your watercolor experience easier.


    Official 2021 Colors    French Escape Kit 

    Hansa yellow  

    Nickel azo yellow 

    Pyrrole red 

    Quinacridone Magenta

    Opera Pink

    Quinacridone gold

    Phthalo Blue 

    Ultramarine Blue 

    Forest Green 

    Burnt Umber 

    Payne’s Grey

    Lemon yellow 

    Lemon Yellow + little bit of French Vermillion 

    French Vermillion 


    Carmine + little bit ultramarine 

    French vermillion + lemon yellow + sepia 

    Phthalo Blue 

    Ultramarine Blue 

    Forest Green + Phthalo Blue 

    warm sepia 

    Payne’s Grey 

    Download your own here 

    (Click tiny link below to print out )


    Download your own here 

    (Click tiny link below to print out )

    watercolor image blank.jpg

    Follow The Art Sherpa 


    Youtube :  



    Art Sherpa Merch :  

    Art Sherpa Shirts :  

    #TheArtSherpa #StepbyStepPainting  #Watercolor  

    You can Watch from Facebook here

    Or here

    Free draw or No draw option use the traceable -

    img20200517_14250813.jpg img20200925_08411344.jpg img20200819_19314018.jpg
    img20200827_09181047.jpg img20200716_14291342.jpg img20200612_13363009.jpg

    PLEASE note there are many other places to buy materials and I support you shopping and finding your best deal. 

    Please let me know if a link is broken.

    About The Art Sherpa:

      Artwork and video is the sole property of The Art Sherpa™  and intended for the students personal education and Enjoyment. For questions regarding using any Art Sherpa painting in a commercial setting contact us for all other questions 

    Read our full  disclosure here that covers partnerships and affiliate links   


    Banner jan 21 .jpg

    January 2021 1-15  The Art of Self Care   Issue 1 

    Table of contents 

    • January Pre-view Classes Jan 1 -15 
    • Message from the Art Sherpa 
    • The new acrylic art materials you need to know about for 2021 
    • Exciting art challenge news. What is coming back and what is cancelled 
    • Featured artist Frida Kahlo  
    • Self care tips - Lavender   Bubble Tea   
    • New store items 
    • Cool finds for your studio 
    • Niblet news what is gnew in the gnomedom  

    thumbnail  template tree bee.jpg


    Mini Book 

    TAS210105.01 Frida thumbnail  .jpg


    TAS210106.01 Heart in a Bottle thumbnail  .jpg

    9x12 140 lb Cold press  watercolor paper 

    TAS210109.01 Coffee Window thumbnail .jpg

    Mini Book 

    thumbnail  TAS210112.01 Boy and Owl.jpg


    thumbnail TAS210113.01 Lilly and Butterfly.jpg

    9x12 140 lb Cold press  watercolor paper

    Class Times 

    YouTube : Every Tuesday 5 pm EST and Saturday 1 pm EST

    We may have Bonus class releases on Thursday at 11 am EST** 

    Facebook : Wednesday 7 pm EST

      Don't miss out on your favorite live classes 

      Text TheArtSherpa to 33222 on your phone for text Notifications 

      how to text .jpg

      Happy New Year 

      It's finally here! The New Year and the fresh start we have been waiting for. Yet, unlike the wardrobe in Narnia, going from December 31st to January 1st isn't really a magic door that changes everything. The  feeling of starting fresh comes from inside us and the way we hope and feel about the coming year.  Many things are the same today as they were just a few days ago. Many challenges of 2020 are still very much present in 2021. Yet I look to 2021 full of hope and a plans for improvement, both personal and as your Art Guide. 

      wall image corset .jpg

      The Plan  

      I've spent a lot of time thinking about what would make things easier for all of you as you learn to become creative beings.  I've looked back at the lessons I have learned as your teacher from last 6 years. I have been a busy bee planning what to do during the  2021 year so that I could make learning art even more fun, easy and accessible. What steps could I take to make your experience as new artist as rewarding as it possibly can be? To create a goldilocks zone of art learning?

      1. Consistency 
        1. Create a core schedule and stick to it as much as power, health and the internet will allow. 
      2. Set Materials 
        1. Create a set list of studio and art materials so you can participate in classes knowing far in advance what you will need. 
        2. Keep to those materials for all 200+ classes planned for 2021 
      3. Communicate early so you can plan 
        1. To let you know early what classes are coming in advance 
        2. More newsletters with more information 
        3. Events and posts on Facebook 
        4. Fill the calendar early 
      4. Provide more Learning Resources 
        1. Adding mini books supplements your video learning material. 
        2. Structured curriculum class programs 
      5. Add the fun 
        1. Include play and games on both the website and newsletter 
        2. Extra Surprise video classes 
        3. Share creative and self care tips

      mini book dress .jpg

      Mini Books 

      Try one Here  

      16x20 horizontal 9 Step by step The dress Jan 21.jpg

      emoi club .jpg

      Membership on Youtube 

      The 2021 Class Materials Lists

        Below are a list of RECOMMENDED MATERIALS.     

      Acrylic Colors .jpg  

      The Art Sherpa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  

      Amazon sometimes Raises prices based on interest. To help you check that you are getting a fair price for your item please enjoy this price checker website

      Amazon Fair Price checker

      *** Acrylic Paint Colors ***

      ***Cadmium Yellow Medium : PY 35




      *Naples Yellow light   : py 53 




      ***Cadmium Red medium   : PR 108 




      ***Quinacridone Magenta ( fuchsia ) : PR 122




      ***Phthalo Blue Green shade :PB 15:3 




      * **Ultramarine blue: PB 29 - 




      * ** Acrylic Paint Colors ***

      ***Phthalo  Green Blue shade : PG 7 - 


      GOLDEN -  


      ***Dioxazine Purple: PV 23 - 




      ***Burnt Sienna PB7   - 




      ***Titanium white: PW 6




      ***Mars black: PBk 11 





      16x20 -  

      11x14 -  

      9x12 -  

      8x8 -
      • My Paint brands of choice are  Sennelier Acrylique, Golden Artist Color,  or Abstract Acrylic. The links lead to the listed color in all 3 brands. 
      • These products were hand picked by me. First two links are professional grade, and then economy Abstract Acrylic that I personally recommend for student grade.

      Naples Yellow Light * Titanite Yellow * Or Naples yellow ??

      Naples Yellow graphic .jpg

      This is the only complicated part of the new 2021 list. To make it easier to understand what Naples is the right Naples, I wrote a blog. Naples yellow by any other name would be as yellow green, right? No, sadly Naples can run the gamut of stunning light yellow green to bandage bleh. So I just went and found them all. 

      Naples Yellow Blog  



      Fluid White Acrylic -  

      Zinc White: PW 4  

      Peel Paper Palette -  

      Dritz 3095 Chalk Cartridge Set :

      CretaColor pencil White :  

      T Square Ruler -  

      Golden Glazing Liquid For Blending -  

      T Square Ruler -  

      Saral Paper:  

      Artist Tape :

      Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap Kits :  

      The Pioneer Woman Turning table :  


      The Art Sherpa Patrons 

      Upcoming classes Jan

      jan 21 patron pure .jpg jan 21 power thumbnail .jpg
      Patron fox girl <a href=#9.jpg" title="Patron fox girl #9.jpg" border="0" width="341" height="192" style="margin: 0px;"> Jan 21 patron passionate .jpg

      Sherpa News

      sherpa news.jpg

      • Acrylic April link Life book link - 18+ Art Sherpa Fledging Artist Challenge  
      • Featured artist : Frida Kahlo 

        More Fun facts about Frida and the solution page coming in the next Newsletter. 

        • Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico City
        • She lied about her birthday, not to seem younger, but to share her day with the Mexican Revolution
        • She had polio as a child, was in a catastrophic bus accident, went through 30 surgeries in her life
        •  She started painting in a Body Cast
        • She was married to artist Diego Rivera - he was a lot 
        • She painted more than 200 paintings depicting the physical and emotional pain of her life
        • She is the mother of the selfie and one of the greatest icons of modern art 

        frida wordsearch.jpg


        The Art of Self Care. 

        1. Remember you matter 
        2. When you feel calm you can help others 
        3. Taking time to be creative helps you imagine solutions to problems
        4. If you have to take care of others remember you do that best from a place of rest, mindfulness and self compassion. 
        5. If you need to H.A.L.T.  and take a break to reset, Do So!  


        Hungry : Make sure your body is fed and your blood sugar is balanced. 

        Angry : Feelings are information. If you are angry remove yourself from the situation until you are calm and ready to explain calmly what you are feeling 

        Lonely: Human beings are social animals, when we are lonely we struggle. Reach out and connect with someone who cares about you. 

        Tired: Many of you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders right now and rest might be scarce. If you are very tired take every chance you can to rest. If its a nap then take a nap. If it is going to bed earlier, skip that show and watch it later on the DVR.

        These are simple things that can help you steer to a better feeling tomorrow.  

        lavender tea.jpg

        New Items in the Store 

        Watercolor Sampler Set.jpg Soap Puck Box Open.png


        Cool Finds on Amazon 

        Great Finds for the Art Studio 

        CREATURE CUPS Cthulhu Ceramic Cup (11 Ounce, Black)

         I think it looks like Kevin the Kraken #CommissionsEarned 

          Zmol Electric Pencil Sharpener ~  I love this Sharpener !! 

        The Kitty Cat - #CommissionsEarned  

          Adorable Micro kitty  Landscape Humidifiers -  

        download-1.jpg download-1.jpg 411azMS 1LL._AC_.jpg

        niblette 2.jpg


      How to paint a Fall tree

      By TheArtSherpa, 2020-12-09
      How to paint a Fall tree

      Horizontal Step by Step Red Fox In Fall  copy.jpg

      Painting a Fall tree 

      #1 Find a Shape that is irregular and interesting to your eye. Remember this shape is three dimensional. 

      #2 Tree Meditation for Artists

      Get comfortable, Close your eyes, and breathe in and out slowly to the count of 4. 

      To help you “ see” the tree better imagine the tree you are painting on a pedestal that is turning . 

      Now Add light to the tree from the sun. Feel how warm the sun is. Add a soft breeze. 

      In your minds picture of your tree as it is turning see the light falling on it and the breeze blowing through it. Can you see its irregular surface. How each leaf is looking for light and rain?  

      Stop the tree at the view you want to paint it. Keep the light shining on it and the breeze blowing through it. The tree you are painting today is a living breathing thing. Do this for 5 or so minutes until you feel you can see your tree clearly. Once this is done your Artists mind is open and ready to paint. 

      Open your eyes. 

      #3 Paint in your deepest fall value for your tree keeping your base tree form. Use the edge of your brush scumbling in the leaves softly. Add your truck and some Bark highlights. Add the deepest value of landscape around the tree. 

      #4 Add your darker midtones finding those highlights and leaves. The ones you visualized in the shade of other leaves nearer the light. These are the leaves where a small bird may be resting in the heat of the day.  Can you see the form? Can you see the shapes?

      #5 It’s time to find the next layer now a brighter lighter mid tone! WOW this tree is coming together. With the corner of your brush add little leaf outliers. Remember your tree those leaves twisting in and out of the light? By now you should see dimensions of form coming out of your canvas. 

      #6 Finally the highlights are lifting up! Bits of highlighted sparkle. Tree glitter. These are the leaves shining in the sun. Yes that is what Shining in the sun means. The diamond effect  all around your trees. The glow. Add delicate touches. 

      #7 Now breath. You have painted a tree. A great Tree! A fun Tree. Keep practicing your artist eye when you are bored or falling asleep. In no time your dreams will be full of comforting branches.


      TAS170623.01 - Red Q-Tip Tree 72dpi.jpg

      step by step fall tree .jpg

      step by step Fall Dream Tree .jpg

      Grateful Art Newsletter 2020

      By TheArtSherpa, 2020-10-27

      Grateful Art 2020

      Nov 1 to Nov 7th Daily live streams 1 pm EST 

      blue dress .jpg shutterstock_1312353473.jpg shutterstock_1034648377.jpg
      shutterstock_266736419.jpg mouse refernce .jpg A2CA5CC6E3E04B9FB684E16788536830.jpg


      Live streaming  Youtube  and  Facebook 

      Watch what platform works best for you 

      youtube button .jpg facebook button .jpg

      Full Playlist ( Save this for future use)

      Materials for the Week 

      You may use other materials then what is shown here. 

      *** Acrylic Paint Colors *** ***Yellow Ocher:PY 43 - ***Burnt Sienna: PBr 7 ***Burnt Umber: PBr 7 ***Cadmium Yellow Medium : PY 35 ***Cadmium Red medium : PR 108 ( ***Cadmium Orange: PO 20 OR ***Cadmium Red Light: PR 108  ) ***Phthalo Green Blue shade : PG 7 - ***Phthalo Blue Green shade :PB 15:3 ***Dioxazine Purple: PV 23 - ***Ultramarine blue: PB 29 - ***Quinacridone Magenta (fuscia) : PR 122 ***Titanium white: PW 6 ***Mars black: PBk 11 ( ***Zinc White?: PW 4 Or Tint white :  )
      4 8x8 canvas
      Watercolor Materials  140 lb cold press watercolor paper Fabriano 1 Gelli Pen Pencil I am using these watercolors Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint -Lemon Yellow (501) -French Vermilion (675) -Alizarin Crimson (689) -Carmine (635) -Dioxazine Purple (917) -Ultramarine Deep (315) -Phthalocyanine Blue (326) -Forest Green (899) -Phthalo Green Light (805) -Burnt Sienna (211) -Payne's Grey (703) -Warm Sepia (440)
      Need supplies we have a store ?  
      paint only.jpeg

      Also we have brushes in stock  at  The Art Sherpa Store  

      Screen Shot 20201027 at 12.37.13 PM.png

      Sign up for our text notifications to get a reminder from us for any live streams we do 

      IGSherpaText copy.jpg

      All videos are available for replay after the live stream to watch anytime 

      Day 1-Acrylic 

      blue dress .jpg

      grateful traceable 4.jpeg

      Day 2 - watercolor 


      grateful traceable 6.jpeg

      Day 3 - Watercolor 


      grateful traceable 7.jpeg

      Day 4 - watercolor 


      grateful traceable 5.jpeg

      Day 5

      mouse refernce .jpg

      grateful traceable 3.jpeg

      Day 6 


      grateful traceable 2.jpeg \

      Day 7 


      grateful traceable 1.jpeg

      Did you see the palette knife classes we have been doing on Youtube ? The green floral is this Friday 

      IMG_1462.jpg IMG_1460.jpg IMG_1464 2.jpg

      Stuck inside ?? Join us for a Great fun Halloween painting D&D 12 " round canvas 

      TEnticles and Dice .jpg

      Here is a free gift for you and your family! 

      Using a Non Toxic in stamp, food color, OR Watercolor  you can make these cute creatures and finish them with a Regular sharpie 


      Have wet wipes on hand to clean up! Save Download and Print out. you can paint fingerprints with watercolor 


      How would you like a year of healing transforming art ?

      Lifebook 2021 


      Main Course 

      The Eternal Garden. 

      Together we will create an ideal fantasy garden landscape. I will show you how to make a Fantastical Fairytale  world that can reflect the hopes and dreams of your personal paradise. We will hide messages and symbolism  in our paintings as constant reminders of our hopes and dreams. Our images on the surface  will be ideal garden retreats but with a closer look reveal the world beneath the world. Hidden objects, messages  and treasure. It will be much more than just a beautiful fantasy  painting. It will be a bright colorful energy soul painting. 

      This is a Concept study. I have done 10 concept sketches just for Lifebook 2021 


      There is also a Free Gift that I made just for Lifebook 2021--- If you love Waterbears you want that gift 

      Classes weekly 30 teachers including me 


      Guess What ?? We are on Roku now  !!  


      This iframe is not allowed

      Friday The 4th  and 5th 2020 Cat Tongue Give away weekend

      a Rafflecopter giveaway


      IF you dont know the secret phrase we will reveal it during the Livestream    

      Rules of the Give Away 

      Want a chance  to win  a #8 cat's Tongue  Art sherpa Brush  ?? One lucky viewer will WIN this great brush !

      How To participate for your chance to win The TAS #8 Cats Tongue  :

      Giveaway opens soon and starts a little before  the live stream  and We will announce the winner live during the show. You must be present to win. 

      Come join us for 


      During the show we will share the Mystery Phrase so be sure to watch so you know correct answer !! 

      To be eligible for your chance to win You must have answered and entered the correct Mystery phrase here in the Entry Box  : in the current contest Blog 

      You will have 4 answers to choose from 

      You may know the answer ahead of time from being a fan ( that's OK)

      You may answer as soon as the contest is open or wait to confirm the correct answer 

      Entries are final 

      If you have never entered a Rafflecopter contest they may have you make an account. This is a one time thing and will work for all future RaffleCopter Contests 


      You must have a good email we can contact you with. We have to be able to reach you to Notify you 

      PLEASE Don't give your address of  to us during live chat for your safety. Email is best  


      To WIN  You must be present during the Live stream  when we announce your name.

      If you are not present another winner will be selected.

      You must be a resident of planet earth with an address that can receive mail - sorry Elon Musk no Mars delivery .

      We will cover up to 100$ shipping: anything above 100$ the winner will have the option to cover to receive their prize - if they elect not to do this another winner will be chosen

      To Recap

      The correct  Mystery Phrase with be revealed live during the show 

      There is no purchase necessary to win

      You do not need to but stars or follow the page to participate

      This is not a giveaway affiliated with facebook in anyway.

      The winner with be chosen at random by Rafflecopter Software

      Artwork and video is the sole property of The Art Sherpa™  and intended for the students personal education and Enjoyment. For questions regarding using any Art Sherpa painting in a commercial setting for all other questions Read our full  disclosure here that covers partnerships and affiliate links   ****

      Because the world is so crazy we will include a tracking number when we ship but are not responsible for items lost or damaged in the post.

      Each time we do a giveaway there's a lot of panic because some people may have trouble entering . First let me say this is not the last giveaway we're ever going to do.

      We would love everybody to win but sadly there is just one painting and one winner. Good news I will show you how to paint your own.

      We understand that for many of our viewers our time zone is not compatible to theirs and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

      The giveaway is open Now to 6:45 pm cst  of the show. Winner will be announced during the live and must be present to claim their prize .

      We do need the winner to be present though for the show. Future Giveaways may be held at different times.

      Be sure to follow the page to get the fastest updates on facebook giveaways and free art live streams. Follwoing does not increase your chances to win. It does help you know when we are live There are two links provided for entry. This is because depending on how you're entering and on what device are entering a small number of users may potentially have difficulty.

      If you find the  link does not work for you please contact the company that hosts the software here :

      if you have any concerns or please reach to  

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      Don't Let round Canvas make you feel spun

      By TheArtSherpa, 2020-08-08

      So these round canvases are weird right? Can I get these? I only have a regular Canvas. Can I frame them. Why am I using them? These are very good questions and very good points.

      1. Round canvases are strange but a lot of fun and believe it or not have a long history in art with a peak of popularity around the Victorian era.

      2. Believe It or Not round canvases are available in a variety of surfaces and sizes. Not to mention there are two really economical ways to use a round canvas their economy packs and you can prime wood rounds.

      3. If you only have a regular canvas a round design is easier to place on it even if dimensions are very different. Simply draw a circle centered in your canvas painting images shown and hang on the wall. It's actually very cool look!

      4. There are tons of frames for round canvases and they're totally making a comeback. There are even Bubble Glass Companies now to give it that cool Victorian look.

      5. Right now I need to be sitting while I'm painting So my objects need to be on a flat surface and round canvases give me an opportunity to paint larger even though I'm confined in this way

      round grapghic .jpg

      Naples Yellow HUE WTW is up with that Color

      For Acrylic April

      I use the same brushes, canvas size and colors every year.

      Acrylic April Graphic materials 2020.jpg

      The color that is hard for most people to find is Naples Yellow light sometimes Called Titanate Yellow or Even Nickel Titanate Yellow 

      That can be frustrating for the new artist. What you may not know is outside of the voluntary ATSM there are no standards in art materials. 

      So on a tube of paint there are bit of info. Color info , safety info and lightfast info. Reading the tube is important but when you are new its hard.


      Nickel Titanium Yellow ( PY 53 ) is opaque and has a low tinting strength. Because  it's not overpowering, it can be controlled easily.


      Titanate serves as a substitute for lemon yellow which is the traditional cool yellow

      Some companies make a hue that is Very close they call Naples yellow light- That is what I am using in my Sennelier paint- Naples Yellow light. 


      This is the green Bias Yellow

      By far this is my absolute favorite cool yellow. There are other cool yellows that you're going to be able to use if for some reason this is hard to find. However, if you can find it, it is one of my favorite colors in my personal paint box.

      But here's the problem. The problem is the name on this package of paint. There are two colors, very different from each other, that the art world likes to call Naples Yellow. One is a light yellow green, and is in fact Nickel Titanate Yellow. I went out and found every acrylic paint company that carries the correct green yellow, regardless of what they named it.

      The other companies make the orange yellow that they consider to be Naples.

      The one on the LEFT is correct. The one on the Right is not a cool yellow.


      You can Substitute ANY of these Cool (green) Bias Yellows , Pick one -

      • Hansa Yellow light
      • Cadmium Yellow Light
      • Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue
      • Lemon Yellow
      • Bismuth Vanadate
      • Yellow Azo Light
      • Benzimidazolone Yellow Light
      Below are a list of paint companies that carry this exact color or a suitable Hue . This is the hardest color to find, so feel free to use a substitute with what you have from the colors listed below these paints:

      naples yellow light graphic .jpg

      • Arcylique by Sennelier Called Naples Yellow Light
      • Holbein Acrylic Called Naples Yellow 
      • Abstract acrylic paint by Sennelier Naples yellow light
      • Amsterdam Acrylic paint made by Royal Talens
      • Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylic 
      • Matisse Structure Acrylic - titanate yellow 
      • (also called Naples Yellow light  in this line of paint)
      • DALER ROWNEY : CRYLA ACRYLIC PAINT- nickle titanate yellow 
      • Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics- Titanate Yellow
      • Pébéo Studio Fine Acrylic Naples Yellow Hue 100 ml
      • Cranfield Acrylics- Primrose Yellow is like  Py53
      • AV Vallejo Acrylic -Titanium Yellow IS like  py53
      • P1200479small.jpg
      • PY5320Comparisons.jpg
      Tip by Kathy Alexander ‎ : For those using American Paint (DecoArt). I found if you mix 2 parts Butter to 1 part Moon Yellow you can achieve something similar to PY 53 Titanate Yellow



      NEED more info about the YELLOW ??  

      HERE are some more yellow names that may be the color SEE why it gets to be so complicated for teachers to relay what color you are looking for.

      PY53 is a strange special color 


      Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow Rutile

      Antimony Nickel Titanium Oxide Yellow;

      C.I. Pigment Yellow 53;

      Juane Citron;

      Lemon Yellow [EP.p |   w . wp .];

      Lemon Yellow Hue [ WN . o ];

      Lemon Yellow (Nickel Titanate} [ WN . w . w ];

      Meteor® Bright Yellow 8320;

      Naples Yellow (hue) [ LA .a |   MA.p ];

      Naples yellow Light (hue) [ KA . o ];

      Naples Yellow Light (imitation) [ KA . o . p ];

      Nickel Antimony Titanate;

      Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow Rutile;

      Nickel Rutile Yellow;

      Nickel Titanate;

      Nickel Titanate Yellow [GEN | DR . w   |   DS .a d . o . w   |   DV . w   |   GR . wo   |   GU.pd   |   MA . o . o(artis) . p . w   |   RT . a ];

      Nickel Titanium [   OH . a . o . w   ];

      Nickel Titanium Oxide;

      Nickel Titanium Yellow [KP.p |   OH . a . o . w   | SI.p |   WN d ];

      Nickel Yellow [GEN |   BX.o   |   CAS.k   |   KA . o . p   |   SE . o . p   |   WL . o . p ];

      Nickle Yellow Titanium [ SCH . p ];

      Nickel Yellow Titanium Rutile;

      Pigment Yellow 53;

      Praseodym Titanium Yellow;

      Shepherd Yellow;

      Sunflower Yellow;

      Titanate Yellow [ GO . a . af . ag ];

      Titanium Nickel Yellow [ MA .o(artis). p ];

      Titanium Yellow [ GO .a | RGH.o.p |   SCH . w ];

      Vasari Yellow [ MA.o(Ren) ];

      Vesuvius Yellow [ MA.o(Med) ];

       / 7